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Our Teaching Ethos

At Peak Tuition, we are dedicated to helping students gain confidence to excel for their O Level & A Level examinations.

Our Subject offering for
A-Levels: H1/H2 Mathematics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Physics, H1/H2 Economics, H1 General Paper
O-Levels: E-Math, A-Math, Chemistry, Physics, English


Our teaching methodology focuses on:

  1. Ensuring a deep understanding of topical concepts with our high quality notes & cheatsheets
  2. Mastering common question types via consistent timed practices
  3. Teaching higher order problem solving skills that help students tackle challenging contextual questions
  4. Imparting useful exam techniques

Meet Our Tutors

Shalyn Tay

Founder, Head Tutor for JC H1/H2 Math

Ms Shalyn is a NUS Engineering Graduate and a seasoned tutor with over 7 years of teaching experience.

Shalyn’s exam-oriented has helped a majority of her students significantly improve in a short amount of time. She is a passionate tutor who is willing to go above and beyond to craft revision roadmaps, teach effective study skills and provide personalised feedback for each student.

She has guided 150+ students (from diverse academic background) through their A Level journey, achieving distinction rates over the national average and an overwhelming majority scoring at least a B at A Levels.

She is also the writer for Peak’s H1/H2 Math Comprehensive guidebook which has helped over 1000+ students in their preparation for their A-Level examinations.

Jade Yu

JC H2 Math & Secondary A Math Tutor

Ms Jade is an NTU Business & Computing Undergraduate who has been teaching for 2 years now, since she graduated from JC where she attained a Distinction for H3 Math at A Levels. 

Her deep love for mathematics propelled her to start teaching as she strives to help students not only understand complex concepts, but wants to impart her methods to score well at O and A Levels. 

Jin Guang

Head Tutor for JC H1 General Paper, H1/H2 Economics

Mr Jin Guang is a SMU Computer Science Undergraduate who has been teaching for over 5 years.

He has experiences teaching in a group setting, at branded tuition centres and runs an Economics themed Instagram page, hosting crash courses that has helped over 20+ graduated students excel in their A-Levels.

Jin Guang has a keen interest in gaining perspective about the world around us; volunteering with Alliance for Good, a philanthropic advisory for family offices and non-profits in Asia as well as WABC, a charity foundation established in Shanghai, with the aim of building an inclusive social environment for people with mental disabilities. He also represented the school for many events such as the Singapore Model Cabinet, during his Junior College days.

Jin Guang is also active in sharing on the subjects he teaches; hosting the Economics symposium for his Junior College and serving as the Teaching Assistant for an Economics Introductory Core module in University,

Gabriel Pang

JC H1/H2 Physics Tutor

Mr Gabriel is an NUS Physics Undergraduate who has been teaching for over a year.

With a Merit for H3 Physics in A Levels, he helps students understand Physics beyond formulas to excel both Quantitatively and Qualitatively.

Henry Tse

JC H1/H2 Physics Tutor

Mr Henry is an NUS Computer Science & Math Undergraduate who has been teaching for over a year.

He focuses on helping students gain an intuition for physics (both in the practical and mathematical sense), to make concepts easy to understand and apply in exams.

He has taught 15+ students maths and physics since he graduated from JC.

At Peak, we look for curious and approachable individuals, to deliver quality teaching and engage our students.

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