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Challenges of Being an O Level Private Candidate

Lately, many students have shifted towards a private mode of education for their O Levels. As this mode of education is financially relieving and encourages independence amongst students, parents also support their children in this decision. Despite many advantages, private candidates face many difficulties as well. To help our students, we have described the challenges of being an O Level private candidate in this article. 

Limited Subject Variety 

The most prominent issue O Level private candidates face is the limited variety of subjects they must choose from. In Singapore, subjects like Design and Technology, Computing, Food and Nutrition, and Art are not offered to private candidates. 

This can make it tough to meet the entry requirements of particular universities, especially if students wish to study a specialized subject. Moreover, it can also limit the subject selection options for many students as they can not form a preferred subject combination. 

Lack of Professional Guidance for Private Candidate O Level

Private candidates may not have access to the exact level of guidance and support provided to the students enrolled at schools or other educational institutions. These students lack emotional and academic support, which ultimately affects their exam performance.

They find their stress levels excruciating to cope with due to insufficient professional help. Moreover, their concepts are often vague as they don’t have assistance to resolve their queries. At Peak Tuitions, we aid the private candidates in all the ways they need. They get excellent educational support from our qualified tutors, which helps them ace their examinations. Fill out this form to enroll at Peak Tuition now!

Limited Peer Interaction

As a result of not being associated with an educational institution, private candidates have confined interaction with their peers. Due to this, they are often deprived of the opportunity to discuss challenging concepts or interesting questions with other students. 

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In schools, students relieve their stress by interacting with other students and sharing their problems. However, private candidates rarely find someone who can relate to their issues. They remain stressed and often buckle under the pressure during their examinations. 

Difficulty in Obtaining Transcripts

Schools and education institutions provide students with the O Level transcripts required for admission to A Level programs or universities. On the other hand, obtaining transcripts is a major issue for private O Level candidates. 

As private candidates aren’t registered at any school, they have to individually email the British Council and go through many processes to obtain their O Level certifications, which is often a hassle for the students. 

No Predicted Grades 

The O Level Examination Board has a policy of cross-checking the examination grade from the predicted grades provided by the school or educational institution. It is exceptionally beneficial in situations where a student has received an unexpectedly low result. 

In such a situation, the paper is thoroughly examined and the student is provided with some concessions accordingly (if applicable). As private candidates are not adequately mock-examined, they do not have the option of predicated grades and often face problems. Even if they get an unexpected result, their outcome remains unaltered.

Enrolling at Peak Tuition for Additional Support 

Peak Tuition is a leading tuition center in Singapore. We provide numerous facilities to our students such as keeping our class sizes small to encourage greater class participation. It also enables our tutors to answer the queries of each student to help them out accordingly. 
Our tutors, who are highly qualified and trained in their respective subjects, connect with their students. They provide them with all the additional support and aid them in solving past papers to practice for their examinations. Furthermore, our tutors assist students in setting measurable goals and achieving them. To experience our facilities, register for a trial session now!



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