FREE JC Math Notes For H2 Chemistry

Summary Notes For Every Examinable Chapter + Diagrams / Formulas For Exam Prep

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Nucelophilic substitution reactions

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Chemical energetics


Chemical equilibrium

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This Bundle Download Includes Topics Like...

  1. Atomic Structure
  2. Chemical bonding (Covalent / Ionic / Metallic bonding) 
  3. Gaseous State 
  4. Mole and Stoichiometry (Including Redox)
  5. Energetics (Enthalpy & Entropy)
  6. Kinetics (Rate of Reaction/Reaction Mechanism)
  7. Equilibrium (Chemical, Acid-Base & Solubility)
  8. Periodic Table (Period 3, Group 2 & Group 17) 
  9. Organic Chemistry I (Intro to Organic - Halogen Derivatives)
  10. Organic Chemistry II (Alcohols - Nitrogen Compounds)
  11. Electrochemistry (Galvanic & Electrolytic)
  12. Transition Metals (Most J2s havenโ€™t been taught)

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