Taking H1 Or H2 Math?

The "Exam Proven" JC Math Chicken Rice Guidebook That Prepares You For The Most Important Exam Of Your Life

Get Access To All Exam-Focused Diagrams, Concepts, Formulas & Past Paper Questions To Reference From So You Know How To SCORE


$ 30 SGD One Time
  • 3 Volume Guidebook, Covers Complete Syllabus
  • Lifetime Access To E-Copy
  • Buy once, keep forever
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
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$ 30 SGD One Time
  • 2 Volume Guidebook, Covers Complete Syllabus
  • Lifetime Access To E-Copy
  • Buy once, keep forever
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Introducing: The Peak Tuition's JC Math Guidebooks

The only resource you need to acing promos + A-Levels

Here's What You Get Inside The "Exam Proven" Guidebook

Theory Explanations Of All Examinable Topics

The guidebook is a 321 page resource that covers all theory explanation on all topics. Differentiation, Statistics, functions etc. If they are testing it, it is in this guidebook. We ONLY cover examinable stuff. Not like the textbook which has too much fluff. You can bring this guidebook to your revision and exams.

Diagrams & Pictorials Explaining Concepts

Need to understand inverse functions? The horizontal line test? Composite functions? Parametric graphs? Yeah, visual examples are the best way to understand things quick, especially if you’re stressed or weak at a subject. We have compiled all types of visuals in this 1 book.

Sample Examination & Past Year Papers

Yes, we built this so you can SCORE marks, NO FLUFF. This guidebook has sample exam questions from past a level papers, past prelim and promo papers, so that you get the full spectrum of easy to hard questions, right in your hand, without flipping through 3 textbooks, asking your friends and teachers. 

How The "Exam Proven" Guidebook Has Been Helping Others

Save Time Making Your Own Notes

Are you REALLY going to spend the last 2 months before A levels manually creating your own notes into a handwritten 30 page booklet? Do you want to work smart or work incredibly hard without a result? Save your precious and get the guidebook, and exam proven resource from day 1.

Get Up To Speed With Examinable Material & Score

If you did badly for promos or just slow at understanding concepts, we know its very embarrassing to ask your teacher in class in front of everybody. That’s why you can get access to all the important examinable material in 1 consolidated place. 

Proven By 120+ Of Your Seniors

We didn’t just ‘create this guidebook out of thin air’. This guidebook has been purchased by 120+ and counting of your seniors. It has been used in examination conditions and consistently ranked 5 star reviews. And we’re so confident of it that we literally even give refund guarantees if you don’t like it. 

Use On Mobile, Desktop, iPhone, Android

Get access to the digital copy of the guidebook and use the file across all your devices at anytime. Mobile or desktop.

Buy Once, Use Forever

If you purchase the guidebook, it is YOURS, forever. Unlike ‘others’, we don’t hold yearly rights. We give it to you, forever. If you want to use it on your personal devices, or print it, go ahead and do what will help your grades!

100% Satisfaction Money Back Refund Guarantee

Yes you’re hearing that right, if for some reason you feel that the guidebook has not benefitted you in anyway, feel free to reach out to our customer support staff through our whatsapp website portal and ask for a refund. 

💰 Do You Struggle With Any Of These In JC?

  • I didn’t do well for exams/promos and am worried.

  • I want FULL notes to study for A-levels, my textbook sucks and doesn’t focus on the important (need to score parts)

  • I don’t want to have to write A-level notes for H2 math and spend 3 months doing it because I have so many other things to do.

  • I want a place where I can go to reference to for all the exam-focused formulas, topics and information.

  • I’m really stressed because all my friends seem to get it but I don’t.

  • My teachers teach too fast and I don’t understand anything.

  • My foundations are weak and I’m struggling with really tough topics.

  • I’m really worried for the J2 topics coming up like vectors that my seniors say are very tough.

Why Buy This Book NOW?

This guide book is INSANELY valuable and others will charge you $80-100 for this sort of resource. We could do the same but we decided not to do so.

We’re giving you this at $20 because we know that if you’re happy with this, you might choose to be one of our students in the future. Take this INSANE offer before we decide to increase the price.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for some reason you are NOT satisfied with your purchase, we will give you your money back. And you also get to keep the guidebook for yourself. Of course, we expect people not to abuse this otherwise we will revoke this privilege.

There is logically NO WAY you won’t benefit from this guidebook.

(Unless you’re super lazy and don’t want to put in the work of course, in that case we can’t help you anyways)

We built this thing after teaching 100s+ students. All the learnings, mistakes and pain that other people have gone through already.

Yea…you don’t have to go through this. Just use this guidebook and follow a proven path.

If it can work for so many people, it 100% will work for you.

🧠 What Is The Guidebook?

  1. A-Z Complete Breakdown Of H2 Math Theory / Formulas

  2. Sample Questions To See How Theory Is Applied

  3. Exam Focused Content Only (You can throw away your textbook after this)

  4. Stuff To Look Out For To Get Marks

  5. GC Tips & Usage

📗 How Will This Guidebook Help You?

  1. Help You Have Less Stress As You Know EXACTLY What To Focus On During Revision

  2. Help You Consolidate Your Learning As You Don’t Need Any Other ‘Notes’

  3. Give You A FULL Summary Of Examinable Topics For Your H2 Math Revision

Included In Volumes 1-3 Guidebook Is… ALL TOPICS

  1. Functions

  2. Graphing Techniques

  3. Equations & Inequalities

  4. APGP

  5. Summation Of Series

  6. Vectors 1/2/3

  7. Complex Numbers 1/2

  8. Differentiation Techniques

  9. Differentiation Applications

  10. Integration Techniques

  11. Integration Applications

  12. Differential Equations

  13. Permutations & Combinations

  14. Probability

  15. Discrete Random Variables

  16. Binomial Distribution

  17. Normal Distribution

  18. Sampling

  19. Hypothesis Testing

  20. Correlation & Regression

Total: 321 Pages (Not joking, you don’t even need your textbook)


🧑 Who Is This Guidebook Suitable For?

  1. Junior College Students Studying For GCE A-Levels (J1/J2 Is Applicable) Who Care About Their Grades & Want A Shortcut

  2. If you are currently struggling/want a leg up on H2 Math and want an all-in-one resource you can use for your exams.

  3. If you want to catch up with the syllabus but don’t want to flip through your 800 page textbook. You want a condensed version of the entire syllabus.

💳 How Do I Purchase This?

  1. Press The Buy Button, Make Payment

  2. The Guidebook Will Be Delivered To Your Email Immediately.

  3. Yes, once you purchase this, you can use it forever. Buy once, use forever.

  4. If you want to print it out for yourself, go ahead. If you want to put it on your iphone, ipad, computer to revise go ahead. You own it FOREVER.

👧 Who Created This:

Shalyn Tay, Head Tutor


❓Still Got Questions?

If for SOME SOME SOME REASON, you still want to ask us something before making your purchase, head over to thepeaktuition.com scroll to the bottom and send our customer support a whatsapp message to ask us.


Have Further Questions?

If you have further questions about the guidebook or are unsure about purchasing this, feel free to whatsapp us by clicking the whatsapp icon at the bottom right side of your screen. Our team will get back to you ASAP.

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Would You Rather...?

Spend 2+ months preparing exam notes, taking time away from other subjects, while having to sift through your entire textbook making sure all the important information is in there and actually readable by the time exams come...


Spend $20, get exam ready notes with everything you need. Proven by 120+ of your seniors already. And get it RIGHT NOW.

Working smart > work hard.

More Screenshots Of The Guidebook Content + Happy Customers!

Imagine if you could get theory, diagrams, explanations, past year paper questions and solutions...of ONLY the examinable topics packed into 1...

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NOTE To Existing PEAK Students:

Peak Tuition students who are already enrolled into our classes will get this for FREE. Please request from your tutor if you have not received this. Ask them for the Peak Chicken Rice Guidebook.

What Does This Guidebook Include?

Full set of notes complete with worked examples for the following chapters:

Graphing Techniques
Equations & Inequalities
Summation Of Series
Vectors 1/2/3
Complex Numbers 1/2
Differentiation Techniques
Differentiation Applications
Maclaurin Series
Integration Techniques
Integration Applications
Differential Equations
Permutations & Combinations
Discrete Random Variables
Binomial Distribution
Normal Distribution
Hypothesis Testing
Correlation & Regression
Total Value: $210

Your Price Today: $20 ONLY
Limited: Price will increase soon, please make your purchase before price goes up!
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