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Our programmes are made for junior college students who want to build strong subject foundations, master contextual problems & learn useful exam techniques.

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Our team of experienced tutors are 100% focused on helping you improve and achieve results.


Get access to high quality materials which will help you consolidate information & apply concepts to solve problems effectively.

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Classes are kept to a maximum of 7-8 students to ensure that every student receives the attention they need to thrive.

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Our dynamic approach to teaching ensures that each student receives the support they need.

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Our team is available on Whatsapp, Telegram & Zoom to answer questions & provide free consultations for Peak students.


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Son was failing his Sec 2 Math WAs twice in a roll (F9 and E8), so I enrolled him in the Sec 2 Math bootcamp during June school holidays. He likes the tuition by Miss Kydy so much and requested to continue with the tuition. Pleased to share that his result for his Math WA is A1! Hopefully his EOY exam will continue to improve in order to help him pull up the overall grade for his Math as this is streaming year for subject combination for upper sec. 🙏 thank you Shalyn and Kydy!
Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks
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After discovering Ms. Shalyn’s A level functions video on YouTube; I had high hopes about her ability to make complex topics into something more manageable. I actively sought her out, that is a great decision on my part as I find her explanations easy to digest, and her breakdown of each question intuitive to understand. I highly recommend anyone who wants to do well in H2 Maths to seek her out like I did.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman
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Peak tuition really helped me with the conceptual understanding of chemistry, especially some of the toughest ones like organic chem. Ms Kydy Yew guided me through doubts and difficulties, leading me to grasp the gist of topics. She also managed to changed a B3/b4 grade for my weighted assessments to an A2 for my prelims.

"I improved from grade S to A, scored A for A levels"

"I was barely passing getting S/E grades to C in prelim to A for A levels!"

"Saw a remarkable improvement in Jordan, grades and attitude"

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