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How Nellie From ACJC Went From Being Stressed, S Grades –> Scoring A For A Levels (H2 Math)

Hi, what’s your name?

Hi my name is Nellie (IG @ nelliekwl), I just completed my A-levels last year in 2022. I’m from Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC).

What were you struggling with previously?

For me, I have not been doing very well for H2 math, but I was too stubborn to get tuition because I thought I still had quite a bit of time and that if I worked hard, I could somehow improve my results.

But that wasn’t the case because after seeing my day two mid year results, it wasn’t showing much improvement.

And I started to feel a lot more anxious because I found it very difficult to keep up with what I was learning in school.

What did Peak Tuition help you with?

That was when I discovered Peak tuition from my friend and I signed up for their topical lessons, and I found it very useful.

So after joining Peak tuition, my teacher Ms. Shalyn, she helped me to identify my weak areas, and through her lessons, I was able to build a stronger foundation in a lot of the topics that I struggled with before.

What was the result?

Actually, at that point of time, I wasn’t able to see my results improve immdeiately because I joined quite last minute and there was not a lot of time. So it was in about August 2 weeks before prelim, so I couldn’t see if my results were improving.

But as I started doing more practice papers, I realized that I was able to answer a lot more questions and apply what I learned from Ms. Shalyn.

And my results actually improved quite a lot in a considerably short period of time, from S in Prelim to getting an A for A level.

Worried / Stressed, Scoring S In Prelim –> Scoring A for A-Levels!

Nellie, ACJC

If people are currently in JC now & considering to join peak tuition, what do you do recommend them to do?

If you guys are considering getting extra help in your studies, I would definitely recommend Peak Tuition. But of course, do try to experience the lesson yourself to see if it really suits your needs!

If you are ready to seek help, take action in your life to improve today, join Peak Uplevel: H2 Math!

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