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How Xuan Peng Went From Barely Passing Getting S/E Grades –> Scoring A For A Levels (H2 Math)

Hi, what’s your name?

Hi my name is Xuan Peng (IG @leo.o.xp)! I graduated and took my A-levels last year.

What were you struggling with previously?

So I actually joined peak tuition quite late in my JC2 year only after actually the mid year block test. And I really needed help with math because I haven’t been scoring well. I’ve been struggling with the subject. And the final awakening is when I actually got an S grade for my block test in J2, and that’s when I realized I really needed the help, urgently.

So I went online in search of possible tuition places and I came across peak tuition and they were offering just crash course for different math topics, so I attended some of them, including a Vectors crash course and an SNS crash course.

And I was very pleasantly surprised, actually, to how friendly the tutor was.

And it helped me a lot, actually, to understand this whole topic. And that’s when I decided to continue on with petition and to seek for help with my math A level preparation.

What did Peak Tuition help you with?

So my tutor was actually Ms.Charlene, and she was very, very helpful despite the little time that I had from when I started the tuition to the A levels, which is about like four, five months.

And she was also very willing to give me extra help whenever I needed after tuition classes, especially because I had a lot of questions since it was very difficult for me to catch up a large amount of content that I wasn’t sure of since my J1 year because my foundation was really, really weak.

What was the result?

So after being with Peak tuition for four months or five months, I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my math results, jumping from barely passing getting S and E grades to C for my prelims.

And eventually I managed to get an A grade in my A level for H2 mathematics. So I’m definitely very, very grateful for Peak tuition for helping me on my journey to getting A for math.

S / E –> C –> A For A Levels!!

Xuan Peng, HCI

If people are currently in JC now & considering to join peak tuition, what do you do recommend them to do?

And I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is currently struggling in mathematics because I feel that approach is very tailor made for every single individual, as the tutors will put in the effort to reach out to every student’s specific needs and wants, and will also be very willing to give extra help outside of tuition hours and also to give extra lessons if needed.

So if you’re really struggling or you feel like there’s nowhere else that can help you in such a short time span, peak tuition is the way to go, and Peak tuition will be able to help.

If you are ready to seek help, take action in your life to improve today, join Peak Uplevel: H2 Math today!

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