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5 Challenges Your Child Will Face During O Level Preparation

The O Level exams are a critical milestone in any student’s academic journey, taken at the end of secondary school. However, O Level preparation poses quite a challenge for many students due to the subject variety and the complex subject content. 

Students find it excruciatingly difficult to cope with the stress of O Levels and often fail to manage it. It is crucial to fully understand the challenges O Level students face to deal with them. Consequently, we’ve prepared an article regarding the problems students encounter during their O Level preparation. 

Dealing with High Expectations 

Dealing with high expectations is one of the most prominent issues that O Level students go through. Parents want the best for their children, but often these high expectations have unfavourable effects on their performance. 

Students are often afraid to let their parents down, which spikes their stress levels and makes them anxious. Setting goals is crucial to remind your child of what is expected of them. However, when done excessively, it can have the opposite effect instead. 

Acquiring Examination skills

More than simply retaining the subject content is required to ace the O Level examinations. The most crucial step towards success is acquiring examination skills. Many students disregard significant keywords present in the questions, which causes misinterpretation. As a result, despite being aware of the subject content they lose precious marks due to silly errors. 

Furthermore, time management during examinations is where many students flunk. They don’t understand the time each type of question should require and often waste time because of this. These skills can be acquired and honed through rigorous past paper practice, and while it may seem time-consuming on top of revising, it will most certainly pay off during their examinations.

Distractions and Procrastination 

Students often get diverted from their study schedules and waste their time engaging in social commitments or increasing their screen time. They often find it excruciating to construct a balance between their education and leisure activities, which leads them to lose focus. As a result, their grades suffer, ultimately affecting their future. 

Aside from this, another major problem that barriers the success of students is procrastination. Students keep delaying their work until the last minute, which results in extreme pressure and anxiety near the examinations. Consequently, they go through immense emotional stress, which impacts their result.

Excessive Information

As the O Level content is distributed over two years, it becomes difficult for students to retain all of the information. Over time, understanding of the subject content and certain tips to overcome particular topics fade away. 

stressed student studying for exams

Students find it tricky to cope with the current syllabus and the previous syllabus simultaneously. They should have an adequate grasp of the entire subject content to ace their O Levels and achieve their desired grades.

Falling Prey To Common Errors

Since the O Level examiners leave little to no margin for errors, students need to be able to identify, understand and eliminate them. They must understand that mistakes aren’t small and can cost them their entire grade. Thus, it is essential to comprehend the meaning and usage of various keywords to attempt a mixture of questions and avoid errors. Students should be able to pinpoint areas of error and take measures to resolve them.  

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