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5 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Grade to an A1 in A Math

Scoring an A1 grade in A math is an incredible feat. Undoubtedly, enrolling in A Math tuition will get you closer to securing the grade, but that is not the only way. You must take additional measures and work harder than an average student to achieve it. 

Whether you practice regularly or not, there is still enough time to strengthen your preparation with careful planning. Following are five tips that will help you bump up your grade to an A1 in A math.

Master Your E Math and Secondary Math Basics

Secondary and E math serve as prerequisites for A math. This is because secondary and elementary math taught you the fundamentals of complicated topics like algebra. You must clear all concepts from your earlier years to ensure they do not hinder higher-level learning. 

These problems will become a hurdle that might affect your grade if you fail to resolve them first. You can examine your old notebooks or surf the internet for revision videos. 

Identify The Key Concepts Tested and Focus on Them

A Math exam questions follow a pattern. After going through the last ten years of exam papers, you will recognize the types of questions and concepts that are tested frequently. Take extra time to study these key concepts because mastering them will help you secure your grade. These topics account for a sizable portion of an exam’s marks, so organizing your study sessions to center around them will significantly increase your chances of scoring an A1.

Do Topic Questions 

When it comes to A Math, nothing beats consistent hard work. You should start with topic questions, and when you have mastered those, move on to the past papers. Peak Tuition’s website lets you download and use free past papers for practice. Check out their website’s A Math TYS (ten-year series) to improve your math abilities. 

magnifying glass placed on o level math

We recommend creating an exam-like atmosphere and timing yourself as you attempt the papers. Yearly past papers will help you identify the topics you are weakest in. Practice those questions until you can answer them all with ease. Remember, consistency is key! 

Direct Your Efforts Towards Understanding, Not Memorizing

If you ever struggle to understand a concept or solve a question, do yourself the favor of seeking assistance. Since your teachers will likely appreciate your efforts, you should approach them without worrying about bothering them. To comprehend what the examiner expects from an A1 grade student, you can examine marking schemes, examiner reports, and sample candidate responses.

Review every error you made on the practice questions to determine where you went wrong. Writing them all down in a journal is another smart move. It will be highly beneficial because it will help you recognize the typical errors you must be mindful of.

Space Out Your Study Sessions

If you complain about blanking out during exams, try spacing out your study sessions. This technique suggests reviewing topics every few days to polish your skills. You must set realistic educational goals to prevent feeling aimless. Long study sessions can get tedious, so we suggest studying for short but effective periods.

Spacing out your study sessions will give your brain time to rest and refresh between each new topic. This way, rather than cramming the material, you will truly absorb it. Additionally, because your brain will store the knowledge for a longer period, it will be easier to recall it during the exam.

Excel At A Math With Us!

If you cannot cope with the demanding syllabus of A Math, consider registering at a math tuition center. Enrolling in an A math tuition center will ensure you get the extra assistance required to ace the subject.
Peak Tuition is a renowned math tuition center in Singapore. We offer dedicated and reliable tutors who will assist you based on your personalized needs. Book a trial session now and experience it for yourself. Fill out this form to enroll when you are satisfied!



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