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Ace Your Exams with O Level Math Tutor

You need the assistance of an O Level math tutor to achieve your desired grade in this complex subject. As the Singaporean educational system is expanding, there are numerous math tutors to choose from.

We have mentioned some of the significant qualities you should look for when finding an O Level math tutor to make your selection easier. In this article, you can also look into a few O Level math tuition centers that offer an honorable maths faculty for O Level students. 

Qualities of A Good O Level Math Tutor 

Before you choose your O Level math tutor, you need to consider a few factors. 

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An O Level math tutor needs to be Ministry of Education (MOE)-approved. It means that the Singaporean education system declares them capable of teaching students. These teachers follow a MOE-approved O Level math curriculum and provide a detailed explanation of every key topic linked with the O Level national syllabus.

It is risky to learn from tutors not registered to teach O Level students in the education ministry. It is because they might not follow the accurate curriculum which leads to unexpected results.

Experienced in The Field 

You should always choose an experienced O Level math tutor for your exam preparations. Experience and perfection are correlated. A teacher with high qualifications in Math and who has been teaching O Level maths for a few years is the best one to invest in. 

Teaching for lots of years gives them more information about multiple questions and tricks assessed in exams every year. They also get to know different students and ways to deal with them accordingly.

Compatible With The Students 

A good O Level math tutor should be understanding towards his students. No matter what culture, background, or religion the students belong to, teachers should treat them equally. A compatible relationship between teacher and students boosts learning. This way, students also feel comfortable to ask about anything they are unable to grasp.

Extensive Notes 

Detailed notes play a crucial part in your exam preparation. Therefore, you should ensure that your O Level math tutor provides deeply explained notes covering all the main concepts. Reviewing and learning the notes can be a challenge if they are difficult to understand. At Peak Tuitions, we offer free O Level Math resources and past papers. You can download them from our site by clicking here.

O Level Math Tuitions With the Best O Level Math Faculty 

Let’s look at some of the famous O Level maths tuition centers in Singapore:

The Peak Tuition 

It is ranked as one of the top O Level math tuition centers because of its astounding math faculty. All the math tutors are professional mathematicians with many years of experience. They consistently attend O Level math workshops to stay updated about any changes in the curriculum.

The teachers at Peak Tuition are MOE-approved and only teach according to the national O Level syllabus. They do not discriminate among students and avoid any favoritism. Due to this understanding attitude, students enjoy learning at Peak tuition and adore their math tutors. 

If you also wish to join, just fill out this form. You can also attend a trial lesson before you make a decision!

Studious Minds

Ms Jes Peh runs Studious Minds and teaches O Level maths to many students. She has taught in numerous schools around Singapore and has enough information about every minor detail related to the math syllabus.

Her lectures are easy to understand and very effective. She also provides practice worksheets to motivate her students to keep practicing. Her way of teaching will not disappoint you at all!

Kiasu Maths

Kiasu Maths is another top O Level math tuition center with multiple great math tutors. All teachers are MOE-approved and experienced. They are engaging and friendly with their students and encourage an interactive environment for learning. 

They help in solving multiple GCSE questions and complex problems that students find challenging. The best part is that they will respond to your queries even after class hours.

Choose a Tutor That Leaves an Impact!

At Peak Tuition, you will find teachers who will leave a huge impact on your personality and results. There are also other options that you can consider before finalizing your choice. After looking into all the factors and tuition centers, choose the right one for yourself.



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