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Affordable O Level Math Tuition Centres in Singapore

Most students and parents think that they need to spend a fortune to hire an experienced tutor in Singapore. However, this is not the case anymore; finding affordable O level Math tuition is now easier than ever. 

The ability of a student to do well in O Level Math is highly dependent on their concepts and skills. If you are unable to score well on your tests and your O Level examinations are approaching, it may be time to seek additional support. 

Fortunately, plenty of affordable O Level Math tuition centers are willing to assist you. This article will introduce you to budget-friendly tuition options to help you secure your grade.

Peak Tuition

Peak Tuition guarantees a 100% chance of grade improvement. It is a leading tuition academy with affordable O level Math tuition rates. Here are a few key points about this tuition center:

  • They have a diverse student body.
  • There are plenty of dedicated math tutors available.
  • They offer a trial class for new students.
  • The instructors ensure every student is supported to reach their full potential.
  • They upload revision videos on YouTube.
  • They offer past papers and various other resources free of cost.
  • Through their social butterfly program, you can get paid for recommending them to your peers.
  • You can benefit from group discounts if you join the academy with friends.
  • Their fee is $500 per month. To join their O Level Math classes, fill out this enrollment form.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab has helped numerous students achieve their desired grades. They ensure that the students understand the practical applications of the concepts they are studying. Some of their key features are:

  • They consistently maintain high standards for tutors.
  • Their lessons are relevant to the school syllabus.
  • Their learning methods include real-world issues to polish students’ critical thinking skills.
  • The well-lit classrooms provide optimal learning spaces.
  • Their fee rate is $137.6-$145.80 per lesson.
  • They provide students with materials that help them tremendously.

To contact them, you can email them or visit one of their nine centers.


Overmugged’s primary goal is to help students build the confidence they need to tackle a challenging concept. Some significant points to note are:

  • The tutors are approachable and supportive. This helps students feel secure enough to engage.
  • They have a high distinction rate.
  • Both in-person and online classes via Zoom are available.
  • Overmugged classes are small in size to monitor each student’s progress closely.
  • They offer a free trial class.
  • Their rates are $40/hr on weekdays and $42.5/hr on weekends.
  • They also offer free notes on their website.

For further inquiries, you can contact them via WhatsApp.

Debbie’s Learning Cove

The founder of Debbie Learning Cove, Mrs. Debbie Wong, has taught mathematics for over 12 years. Her students vouch for how she simplifies mathematics. Following are some other notable points.

  • The fee is $320-$400 per four lessons.
  • The class sizes are small (6 to 15 students) to establish effective teacher-student communication.
  • Learning materials such as worksheets are supplied. 
  • Both on-site and online options are available.
  • One lesson is up to 2 hours.
  • They have air-conditioned classrooms.
  • They offer unlimited out-of-lesson support so that no question remains unanswered.

If you want quality education at affordable O level math tuition rates, enroll here now!

Comparison At A Glance

Tuition Fees for Olevel students$500 per month$137.6-$145.80 per lesson.$30 registration fees, $320 per 4 lessons$40/hr on weekdays $42.5/hr on weekends 
How’s the Faculty?Experienced and MOE-approved tutorsExperienced tutors.Just one teacher.Approachable and supportive tutors.
Ministry of Education ApprovedYesNoYesNo
Free trial lessonsYesNoNoYes

Ace Your Exams By Joining an Affordable O-Level Math Tuition 

Acing O Level Math is a difficult task. However, it is not impossible. With skilled tutors supporting you, you will be able to achieve your desired grade in no time. Peak Tuition is an affordable O Level Math tuition with a high success rate. Joining them would mean you are one step closer to your desired grade.



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