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Due to recent syllabus changes and the increased complexity of O Level Physics, many students have considered opting for tuition. In Singapore, there is no denying that you can find lots of tuition centers. Unfortunately, many of them demand an excessive amount of money for mediocre quality education. Ultimately, finding an affordable O Level Physics tuition center can be difficult.

However, we understand that high-quality education should not cost a fortune. In this article, we have mentioned our top five affordable O Level physics tuitions to ensure you receive the quality education you deserve. 

The Five Most Affordable O Level Physics Tuitions

To acquire your desired grade in O-level physics, opting for tuition can be very beneficial. However, these tuitions should provide quality education at a fair price. Below we’ve mentioned the top five affordable O Level Physics tuitions.

Peak Tuitions

Peak Tuitions is one of the leading educational institutions in Singapore. They are highly affordable as they charge a monthly fee of $500 rather than a session-wise arrangement. Other facilities provided by Peak Tuitions are:

  • Teachers are friendly, supportive, and highly qualified.
  • The class size is small so students can get better attention. 
  • Materials and lesson texts are available at a reasonable price.
  • Parents are informed about their child’s progress.
  • Free revision lessons get uploaded on YouTube  
  • To ensure the steady progress of your child, homework is assigned and marked weekly.

To enjoy these facilities at Peak Tuitions, fill out the enrollment form now! If you’re still skeptical and want to experience quality teaching at Peak Tuitions, book a trial session now!

Kung Fu Physics

It is a tuition centre founded by Mr Gabriel Tan in Singapore, who is famous for his innovative teaching methods. Kung Fu Physics focuses on building a vital foundation and prepares students well for exams to achieve great results. Facilities provided by Kung Fu Physics are below:

  • It is an affordable option as they charge only $460 a month.
  • They provide a detailed analysis of the subject. 
  • Kung Fu physics instills strategies needed to score good grades in students.
  • Each student is given equal attention.

It is an affordable option with a highly qualified mentor.

Learners Lodge

Learners Lodge is regarded as one of the best O Level institutions. Their teaching style is innovative and teaches students from various schools according to their school’s syllabus. Further details are mentioned below:

  • The class size is small as there are only 12 students per class. 
  • Notes and materials are provided to the students.
  • Curious students are appreciated and their queries are fully resolved.
  • They have qualified teachers that are passionate about physics.
  • It is a highly affordable option and charges only $340 a month.

Future Academy

One of the top five tutors in Singapore founded the Future Academy. They provide essential guidance and guarantee quality education to their students. They also have the following facilities: 

  • They have around 2 to 5 students in each class. 
  • Their tuition is affordable with a monthly fee of $560.
  • 100% of students witness grade improvement. 
  • Their tutors are highly qualified with years of experience.

Bright Culture

Bright Culture specializes in providing top-notch O Level Physics tuition. Their teaching techniques have positively impacted more than 90% of students. Their notes get arranged by their highly qualified tutors to aid their students. They also provide the facilities listed below:

  • It is a highly affordable tuition that charges only $368 a month. 
  • They own a comprehensive set of online materials for students.
  • It is a registered MOE tuition centre.
  • This institution also focuses on teaching students different answering techniques and approaches.
  • It is well-organized and professional. 

Comparison At a Glance

Tuition Fees for O Level students$500 per month$460 per month$340 per month$560 per month$368 per month
How’s the Faculty?Experienced and MOE-approved tutorsExperienced tutor. Experienced tutors.Experienced tutors MOE approved tutors 
Ministry of Education ApprovedYesYesYesYesYes
Free trial lessonsYesNoNoNoNo

Choose The Best Option

We’ve provided you with our top five affordable O Level Physics Tuitions to help you receive a quality education without breaking the bank. You should consider all the qualities of each institution before enrollment. Peak Tuitions is quality at a fair price. Unlike the other tuition centers mentioned above, we offer a trial session. Therefore, we suggest you apply for a trial session and see our quality yourself.



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