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The need to find the best physics tutor Singapore for every student is rising with the increasing complexity of the physics curriculum. There are many factors that you should consider before choosing the right one.

An ideal physics tutor should have maximum experience, an understanding attitude, and the best physics tuition center equipped with the latest technology. However, it might be difficult for you to do all the research yourself. In this article, we have guided you to the top physics tuitions with the best physics faculty to help you make an informed decision.

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The Peak Tuition

The Peak Tuition is the most convenient choice for the best physics tuition center for O Levels and Junior College students. It was voted “Edvocado” top tuition center for junior college. 

Clement Ong is an experienced and MOE-approved Physics tutor. He specializes in the field of Physics and assists students in overcoming the challenges they face when preparing for the Physics examination. 

Here’s a look at some of the other fascinating things at Peak Tuition:

  • There are digital whiteboards for interactive learning. 
  • Peak Tuition offers both, online and in-person classes. 
  • The small class size allows teachers to focus on each individual personally.
  • Many of their students have produced remarkable academic results.
  • You can download free A-level physics past papers with solutions.
  • Each student’s progress is reviewed monthly.
  • They provide many physics notes, cheat sheets, and practice worksheets.
  • Peak Tuition understands the importance of a student’s mental health. Along with offering quality education, the management looks after the students and offers them snacks and drinks during lessons.
  • Before committing to Peak Tuition, you can sign up for a trial class with a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure your trust.
  • A report of your weak topics is made after the trial lesson.

There are weekly classes, and the monthly fee is $500. For the trial class, the discounted charges are $29.99 currently. These are some group discounts they offer:

Two members10% each
Four members 20% each
Six plus members 30% each

Fill out the enrollment form now to ace your exams!

Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre offers classes for many subjects, including Physics, for both JC and O Level standards. It is one of the best physics tuition centers because:

  • The tuition center has the best physics tutors to guide you.

NamesYears of ExperienceEducation
Mr. WongTenFirst Class Honors degree in Physics
Ms. OngMore than tenMerit-based PGDE from NIE
Mr. LimMore than twelveSpecialized in Physics
  • They follow three parts to teach Physics. In the first part, the focus is to learn all the key concepts. Then, the teachers encourage students to revise the concepts consistently. Finally, in the last part, students practice worksheets to complete their learning process and ensure they understand all the key concepts.
  • All physics tutors are NIE (National Institute of Education) approved.
  • They prefer advanced ways to make learning physics fun.
  • All the concepts are concise and up to the point.
  • The classes are small in size. 
  • They provide remarks on the students’ mistakes and boost improvement.

You can directly contact them to know about the fee structure in detail. There are crash courses for Secondary Physics. The price is $180 for one day and $850 for a five-day program.

The Thinkers Cap

The Thinkers Cap will take you from a below-average grade to an A. It is all because of Mr Tham Tuck Meng, who has been teaching for more than 14 years and is well-informed about the MOE-approved syllabus. His students have improved their grades in less than ten months! Other reasons to choose The Thinkers Cap are:

  • He explains according to the various student’s styles.
  • Their students are known to produce spectacular results.
  • They offer on-site classes for Sec, JC, IB, and IP students.
  • Mr. Tham first teaches the concepts, makes student solve problems, and then connect them with the real world.
  • They also offer WhatsApp consultations.
  • The Thinkers Cap offers many intensive physics programs.
  • A paid trial lesson is offered on request.
  • You can directly contact them for any fee-related inquiries.

Kungfu Physics Tuition

Kungfu Physics Tuition is a rising physics tuition center in Bishan. Here are some of its facilities:

  • Mr. Gabriel Tan, an award-winning and MOE-approved physics tutor with ten-plus years of experience, conducts well-explained Physics classes at this tuition center.
  • He offers tuition for O-level, Junior college, and IP students.
  • Real-life applications of physics are taught to make the subject interesting.
  • You can either take physical or online classes.
  • There are group lessons, but Mr. Tan answers every student’s queries.
  • He helps build the basic foundations of Physics so that students can excel in their exams.
  • He provides many notes and booklets for practice questions.

The registration fee is $50, and there are different prices for Sec and JC classes (online or on-site). These range from $320 to $460. You can learn more on their site.

student watching lecture on laptop

Physics Academy

It provides interactive Physics lessons for O-Level and A-level students. Here is why we think Physics Academy is a top choice:

  • There are lab experiments to help the students prepare for the practical assessments.
  • Tutors help revise the “killer” topics.
  • Many students scored distinction in their physics exams.
  • Professional physics tutors are available to assist you in your learning.
  • Numerous learning materials are provided.
  • There is a physics formula sheet and revision guides that you can purchase.
  • Mr. Bryan Lai invented the PhysicsProf Learning System that promotes a rise in students’ grades.
  • Tutors teach students to write according to the marking scheme.
  • You can also download their app to aid your learning.
  • A progress report for every student is prepared at the end of the term.

You can sign up for a free trial lesson before joining the Physics Academy!

YearBasic Premium
Secondary 3$80$85
Secondary 4$85$90
JC first year $90$100
Jc second year$110$120

Learner’s Lodge

If you are a JC student struggling with Physics, the Learner’s Lodge is the one for you! Here’s why:

  • The academy has fifteen years of teaching experience.
  • They use modern technology to encourage comprehensive learning.
  • All the tutors are experienced and received their education from renowned universities. 
  • The students at Learner’s Lodge have higher chances of getting accepted to Ivy League Schools.
  • Each student is given full attention, and none is left behind.
  • They focus on the weak points of all the pupils.
  • The teachers use different approaches to teach them about the applications of all physics theories.
  • To enhance productive learning, the Learner’s Lodge provides all their students with effective study material.

Their fees vary with how experienced your tutor is.

University undergraduate tutor$50 to $60 per hour
Degree holder$80-$100 hourly
Currently trained by NIE$90 to $120 per hour
NIE-approved$120-$150 per hour

SG Physics

Your grades will boost like skyrocket if you sign up for SG Physics. Here’s a list of the facilities they provide:

  • They provide in-depth revision material for a better understanding of the lectures.
  • Experienced tutors are available to guide you. 
  • All the teachers are MOE-approved and top-rated in the country. 
  • The physics notes have pictorial descriptions on them to minimize boredom when revising. 
  • There are many Secondary Physics specialized tutors to choose from (Mr. Wynn Khoo, Mr. John Lee, Mr. Paul Cheong, and Mr. Quek Wee Tong)
  • SG Physics has publications that cover detailed guides to the specific standard syllabus. 
  • There are video lessons for some problems’ solutions. 
  • The atmosphere of the class is comfortable for every student. 

Here’s a glance at its fee structure:

ClassesFees On-siteFees Online
Sec three$75$70
Sec four$80$75
JC 1$100$95
JC 2$105$100

Learning for Keeps

Whether you are an Olevel, IP, or Junior college student, you can enroll in Learning for Keeps to produce fruitful results in your final physics examinations. 

  • Mr. Kenneth Loh is well-educated in the field of physics and runs the classes in this tuition center.
  • He makes concepts simpler for students to understand.
  • Mr. Loh writes all his notes with a list of practice questions to boost learning.
  • There are only six students in an O-level class and four in an A-level class.
  • He checks the answers of each individual and aids in improving their mistakes.
  • 100% grade improvement has been recorded over the years.

You can learn more about its class schedule and fees here

Calvin Kong Physics

Calvin Kong Physics is a top physics tuition center in Singapore that also accommodates lab facilities for its students. Here are some of its other specialties:

  • The laboratory has good-quality equipment to help prepare for your practical exam.
  • All the concepts are broken down into concise descriptions.
  • The tutors are MOE-approved and follow the national curriculum for all the classes.
  • Mr. Calvin Kong is its founder and has been working as a teacher for more than a decade.
  • He is also the founder of Concept First Physics Learning Center, and both are emerging physics tuition centers in Singapore.
  • There are different learning programs for both theory and practical content.

There are different charges for classes commencing on varying dates. They charge an additional material fee of $50.

Did You Decide the One For You?

After reviewing the information about the top-rared physics tuition centers in Singapore, you likely have insights to help you decide on the option that offers the best balance between financial affordability and academic excellence. It’s important to note that all the mentioned tuition centers are MOE-approved and align their classes with the national syllabus.

However, if you’re still uncertain or hesitant about your choice, we encourage you to consider experiencing a trial class at Peak Tuition. We firmly believe that our tuition center offers the most valuable investment of your time and money.



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