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Best Secondary Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Are you struggling with your Secondary Chinese exams? If your answer to the question was yes, you do not need to worry anymore! Many Secondary Chinese tuitions in Singapore can help you improve your learning. 

Since many students struggle to score well in language subjects, Chinese is also a hassle for them. Chinese tuition is essential to ace your O Level exams. You can learn more about the significance of Chinese tuition centers by clicking this link.

In this article, we have summarized the top Secondary Chinese Tuitions in Singapore to narrow down your decision and give you an insight into the best choice.

The Peak Tuition 

Peak Tuition assists students in scoring their desired grades in O Level exams. This tuition center has also recently started classes for lower, upper secondary, and O Level Chinese. 

Therefore, if you are looking for comprehensive secondary Chinese lessons, you should definitely apply here!

  • If you have any inquiries, contact them on Whatsapp.
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) approved Chinese tutors are available round the clock.
  • The teachers do not discriminate among students.
  • The environment supports learning the language with fun.
  • There are free Chinese study materials for download.
  • Tutors teach according to the national Chinese curriculum.
  • If you apply with your friends, the academy offers group discounts.
  • A butterfly program pays you if you refer a student to this tuition center.
  • The fee charges are $500 per month.

So what are you waiting for? Get a grip on your Chinese with the Peak tuition. You can attend a trial class, and if you are satisfied, fill out this form to enroll.

Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio

Another leading Secondary Chinese tuition in Singapore is the Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio. Miss SY Wang is a MOE-approved teacher with twenty years of experience in the Chinese subject.

  • The classes can be on-site or online, as per your choice.
  • You can either study in groups or book one on one lessons.
  • Only Miss SY Wang teaches here. She teaches students with care and deep understanding.
  • If you want to know about the fees or trial lessons, kindly contact them through their website.

The best part is that the teacher is bilingual, and can easily communicate with English students. 

School of Language and Communication

It is a renowned Secondary Chinese tuition center in Singapore and is known for effective grade improvement in this subject. School of Language and Communication is a good option because:

  • The tutors take three assessments to test your language eloquence and learning style.
  • All the tutors are approved by the MOE.
  • They are familiar with the MOE-approved Chinese syllabus.
  • The class size is small. Fewer students, fewer distractions.
  • Instead of consistent past papers practice, this tuition center focuses on breaking down all concepts.
  • You can take physical or online lessons according to your convenience,

If you also find Chinese concepts difficult to grasp, it is a good choice for you. 

Etern Education

Madam Cheng Xinchun and Ms. Zhong Yingyi founded Etern Education to promote extensive learning of Chinese. Ms. Cheng has 20 years of experience in this field and has also written many books on Chinese assessment.

  • The registration fees are $20, and O Level charges are $540 per 12 lessons.
  • You can also book a trial class before the final admission. 
  • Their learning program follows a MOE-approved Chinese curriculum.
  • 20% of the classes are based on oral practice. 

EduZ Tuition

EduZ Tuition is also a convenient option if you are looking for Secondary Chinese Tuition in Singapore.

  • There is a choice for both on-site and online classes. 
  • You do not have to pay for the registration. 
  • The class size is comparatively small.
  • Tutors use digital whiteboards to encourage interactive learning. 
  • The fees vary for physical or online classes.
  • You will get a free lesson if you refer a student to their tuition center.

Choose The Best Secondary Chinese Tuition in Singapore 

Since Chinese exams play a vital part in your overall O Level result, choosing the best Chinese tuition is a crucial decision. Peak Tuition is a great tuition center to improve your secondary Chinese. Look into each tuition center’s fee structure, environment, curriculum, and location, and then decide the one convenient for you!



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