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Boost Your O Level Chemistry Grades with Our Expert Instructors

You can only boost your performance in O Level Chemistry with access to detailed O Level Chemistry notes and experienced O Level Chemistry tutors. While coping with the content of the Chemistry syllabus is a challenge, looking for a reliable source you can trust for your grade improvement is a challenge of the same magnitude.

Peak Tuition is a leading O Level Chemistry tuition center you can put your trust in. We have every accommodation for O Level students plus a 100% guaranteed grade improvement once you become our student. Let’s learn more about O Level Chemistry and how we can help you!

test tubes and periodic table

O Level Chemistry Exam-Breakdown

There are three O Level Chemistry exam components. All three papers include questions from the entire O Level Chemistry syllabus. Here is a glance at each papers’ specifications:

TypeDurationTotal MarksWeightage
Paper 1 MCQs.1 hour4030%
Paper 2 Theoretical.1 hour 45 minutes8050%
Paper 3 practical.1 hour 50 minutes4020%

The most important is paper two because it can make or break your grade. You can ace all three exams using effective O Level Chemistry Notes and ten year series papers.

Why Is Peak Tuition a Top Choice? 

Here are multiple reasons why we consider Peak Tuition as an ideal O Level Chemistry tuition Center for you all: 

Extensive O Level Chemistry Notes 

The secret to acing your O Level chemistry is comprehensive O Level Chemistry notes you can learn from. At Peak Tuition, expert and MOE-trained Chemistry tutors have prepared a series of cheat sheets, formulae lists, and notes according to the O Level Chemistry national curriculum. 

There are numerous benefits of our O Level chemistry notes:

  • They give you an insight into the key concepts. 
  • You can have a quick last-minute revision. 
  • You do not miss out on any topic because it contains all the O Level Chemistry topics.
  • The entire syllabus is summed up concisely. 
  • They are easier to understand and remember. 

You can learn how to download our Chemistry resources by clicking this link

Access To Chemistry TYS Yearly PDF

We also provide students with our Chemistry TYS yearly pdf. It contains all the previous years’ O Level chemistry papers, and you can practice each exam daily. This way you have all the past papers’ questions combined as a digital document. 

You can open it whenever and wherever you want. Our tutors will help you if you have any doubts. Learn more about how the chemistry TYS yearly pdf can help you by clicking this link

Expert O Level Chemistry Tutors 

At Peak Tuition, we have a group of extremely talented and NIE-trained tutors. Our Chemistry tutors are Kydy Yew, Clement Ong, and Jade Yu. They are highly educated in the field of Chemistry and have a deep passion for secondary level Chemistry. 

They are available for every student to help them overcome the tough challenges of O Level Chemistry. So even if you have doubts, they are there to clear them!

Outside Class-Hours Support

Our teachers not only help you during the lessons but also offer outside class-hours support! You can contact them through WhatsApp or Telegram and ask for any problems. They are available round the clock to answer all your queries. 

If you face any doubts when solving worksheets, you can easily consult your teacher for help. Our teachers also provide individual consultations for career or mental health. You can communicate and share any hardships with them. 

Money-Back Guaranteed Trial Session 

The best facility for our students is that we offer them a 100% money-back guaranteed trial class! Our trial class has everything you need in an intellectual class environment. From amazing resources to a report assessing your weak areas, we offer our best in our trial lesson. 

The fee for it is $99.99, but currently, we have a discounted price of $29.99 for our students. You can learn more about the trial session by clicking here. If you are unsatisfied with the teaching, we will return your fee to you! So what are you waiting for? Book a trial lesson now and put your trust in us!

Enroll Now To Improve Your Grade

After you have attended the trial session, you will be able to make a well-informed decision. If you wish to register as our student, fill out this enrollment form now. From our side, we guarantee a 100% grade improvement and an encouraging environment to boost you up! 



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