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Choosing the Right Calculator for Your Math Exams

From basic algebra to more advanced calculus, Math is a core subject in O Level and A Level examinations. Math is an advanced subject that requires precision, and you need the right tools to aid you. As students gear up to prepare for their exams, choosing the right calculator for your math exams escapes your notice.

 In this article, we dive into exploring the various options so that you can pick the perfect calculator for your math exam. 

Casio fx-991ES Plus

The Casio fx-991ES Plus is a widely recommended calculator for O Level and A Level students. It has all the features needed for basic and advanced level maths. The Calculator is a popular choice due to its user-friendly interface and easy navigation. 

The Casio fx-991ES Plus has a textbook display, making it convenient to use. The extensive functionality enables it to solve equations numerically, symbolically, and even graphically. Both O Level and A Level Maths have vectors in the syllabus. Therefore, students can utilize the feature matrix and vector calculations to increase efficiency.

Apart from mathematical features, it is noteworthy that the Casio fx-99ES Plus comes with a dual power source, meaning it runs on both batteries and solar power. 

The Casio fx-99ES Plus is a lightweight and affordable option, ranging from SGD 30 to SGD 40. While it is a worthy option with a variety of functions, some students may not prefer it due to the small screen size compared to graphical calculators. So if that doesn’t bother you, the Casio fx-99ES Plus is a perfect calculator for your math exams. 

Casio fx-991EX

The Casio FX-991EX is a scientific calculator designed to serve the demands of O Level and A Level students. In the right hands of students who are good at maths and fond of advanced calculations, the Casio fx-991EX is a phenomenal weapon. 

The Casio fx-991EX has a high-resolution LCD Screen–delivering equations, graphs, and other calculations at top-class clarity.  It can amazingly solve complex equations that include symbols alongside numbers. Similar to the Casio fx-99ES Plus, this calculator also has a dual power source, ensuring it never runs out of charge. 

The unique feature that sets Casio fx-991EX apart is the QR Code function. Tallying your answer with friends just got much easier. With the help of this function, students can generate QR codes for sharing equations. 

This calculator is available from anywhere between SGD 45 to SGD 60. If you are ready to make an investment to tackle advanced problems, pick this calculator for your maths exam!

Casio fx-CG50 Graphic Calculator 

The Casio fx-CG50 is a powerful Graphical Calculator designed for the more intense needs of A Level and Further Maths Students. As it is intended for heavier usage, the Casio fx-CG50 is not recommended for O Level students. It can be best utilized by students of Further Maths but is also useful for A Level Math Students. 

It has a high-resolution color display, that gives it an aesthetic advantage. Furthermore, it has graphing functions which, coupled with the color display, can largely help students visualize mathematical concepts practically. You can also check out the 3D graphing function to strengthen your concepts. 

The large storage capacity, and the USB connectivity, aim to make all the data easily accessible. You can transfer your representations to a computer or store them in your calculator, however, you prefer. 

The Casio fx-CG50 Graphic Calculator is on the high end of the spectrum, costing over SGD 200. However, it is great for graphical work and can take your conceptual understanding to the next level, 

Choose a Calculator for Your Math Exam

You must carefully consider all the aspects before purchasing a calculator for your math exams. Check that the calculator has all the required functions according to your syllabus. If you are unsure, ask your teacher or consult a professional. 

Our tutors at Peak Tuition often help students decide the perfect calculator for them. Enroll in our classes today by filling out this form or attending our mock revision classes! Make sure that the calculator is allowed in your exam once you’ve found one. All the calculators mentioned in this article are accepted in O Level and A Level Examinations.

Lastly, choose a lightweight calculator with a conventional design that is easy to use. You can look up tutorials or test it out in the shop if allowed.



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