Comparing the Best Economics Tuition Center in Singapore

Economics is an essential subject in Olevels and JC college when pursuing a career in commerce. Numerous best economics tuition centers are established in Singapore to help you with your syllabus coverage and exam preparations.

Every top economics tuition center has various facilities and experienced tutors. That’s why choosing the one for yourself is a great challenge. We have fixed your problem by guiding you to the best economics tuition centers in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Read along to decide the most convenient one!

Peak Tuition

Peak Tuition is our top choice for Economics, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Chinese tuition. It has everything you need to excel in your exams. Here is why we consider it the best for Economics:

  • Top MOE-trained tutors are available round the clock.
  • They provide extensive economics resources for students.
  • You also get ten years past papers for H2 and A Level Economics.
  • You can consult the tutors to get into your dream university.
  • Teachers build a roadmap for every student’s progress.

  • If you need, teachers also provide video lessons.
  • There are games and movie nights to boost you up!
  • Mocks are conducted before the final exams to prepare you. 
  • The fee is also reasonable, only $500 per month. 
  • You can book a trial lesson before you fill out the enrollment form.

Let’s look at the features of their trial lesson:

Money-back guarantee?Yes.
Normal price.$99.99
Hours.2 hours.
Resources.A report about your child’s weak areas, notes, and practice past papers.

You should not miss a non-risky opportunity and give Peak Tuition a try!


Indigo is the best economics tuition center for JC and Secondary IP students. It has been a leading tuition center since 2011 because:

  • 80% of the students have scored distinctions.
  • Each class follows the Indigo Pedagogy. 
  • Tutors teach every concept with evidence and a structured approach. 
  • Extensive Economics study materials help students prepare for the current syllabus pattern. 
  • You can easily change your class timings if there is any inconvenience. 
  • Parents can attend seminars to learn about their child’s progress. 
  • There are six locations for this tuition center, and you can choose the nearest one. 
  • The entire team is highly qualified. 
  • There are Secondary IP, Secondary Express, and Junior College study programs.

Economics Cafe

Economics Cafe specializes in JC-level Economics. Mr. Edmund Quek is the best Economics tutor with distinction in macroeconomics and microeconomics. Here are other reasons to choose Economics Cafe :

  • He provides his lecture notes to all his students. 
  • He has also written many economics-related books that can guide you to ace your exams. 
  • All the classes follow the MOE-approved curriculum. 
  • Each lesson is only two hours long to maintain focus. 
  • There are 25 students in every class. 
  • Group learning encourages discussions and brainstorming. 
  • The best part is that Mr. Edmund provides financial assistance to need-based students, and they can study for free!

Here is an overview of their fee and other charges:

Charges.$360 per four lessons. 
Any additional costs?No. 
Trial lessons.Free trial class. If you wish to continue, the cost is $180 for two trial lessons. 

JC Economics

Mr. Anthony Fork, a leading economics tutor in Singapore, runs JC Economics for A-level students. Here are a few of its best facilities:

  • There are weekly classes for consistent learning. 
  • The teacher explains exam techniques and provides comprehensive economics notes for better understanding.
  • You can attend a workshop for the A-level Economics case study exam.
  • The tutor, Mr. Anthony Fork, has a great experience in this field.
  • He has written more than 200 Economics books that students can use to prepare for their exams

student using a calculator

  • Recorded lectures are available for students who wish to learn from their homes.
  • There is no trial lesson.
  • The fee is $440 per four lessons, plus a yearly material fee of $120.

Econs Lab

If you want lessons for JC or IB Economics, Econs Lab is the one for you. Let’s look at the amenities it offers for its students:

  • The head tutor is Ms. Foo. She has great skills in Economics.
  • Every lecture is explained in a detailed way.
  • She helps understand the case study questions and essays of the Economics exams.
  • Students get extensive notes for every lecture.
  • The tuition center is located in Bishan, Bugis, and Bukit Timah.
  • They also provide sticky notes for fun learning.
  • Ms. Foo gives reviews after every practice worksheet or test.

It is the fee structure for a class size of a maximum of 12 students:

Two-hour lessons.$320 per 4 lessons.
1.5-hour lessons.$280 per 4 lessons.

Here’s a glance at the fees for a class size of 3 – 4 students:

2-hour classes.$520 for four classes.
1.5 hours classes.$420 for four classes.

Ace Your Econs

As the name suggests, you can ace your Economics with Ace Your Econs! Here’s why it is a top economics tuition center:

  • Mr. Jeffrey Teo is the head tutor.
  • His students have improved their results within a few months!
  • You can register as a private, a JC1, or a JC2 student.
  • Each class entertains eight students for maximized attention.
  • There are “breakout rooms” where students can ask questions individually.
  • Weekly feedback lets you know your weak topics.
  • There are monthly tests to analyze student’s progress.
  • The best feature is their “one-stop digital learning solution,” where students can access video lessons and explained solutions.

Register in your suitable program through their website if you wish to join Ace Your Econs

photo of survey spreadsheet

Adam Smith Learning Center

Adam Smith Learning Center is the best choice for JC1 and JC2 students. Here’s why we consider it one of our top options:

  • Tutors provide predicted exams with 95% accuracy. 
  • Classes are held every day. 
  • You can get free 6 hours of trial video lessons. 
  • Experienced teachers help students understand the exam techniques.
  • They also focus on time management and prepare students according to the most expected topics of the year. 
  • If you are from the Raffles Institution Junior College, there will be special Economics revision classes for you. 
  • There is an option for online classes if traveling is a hassle for you. 
  • There are two free trial lessons to make an experienced decision!
  • You can register yourself now by contacting them on WhatsApp. 
  • There is a 100% chance you will improve your grade!


IEconomics is a top economics tuition center for college students struggling in Economics because

  • Ms. Ang is the head tutor. She is NIE-trained and helps students excel in this subject in every possible way.
  • Every class is taught according to the national curriculum. 
  • The teacher helps with a deeper understanding of the syllabus content. 
  • Mock exams are conducted to improve time management. 
  • You can also find free essay samples for the writing paper. 
  • The case study questions are also taught in detail according to the paper pattern.

Let’s look at their lesson charges:

Class fees.$380 per 4 lessons.
Registration fee.$70.

Ace Your Exams Now With the Best Economics Tuition Center

You now might have a summarized list of your top choices for economic tuition. It is essential to consider the location, curriculum, tutors’ quality, and fee before you make a final decision.

Peak Tuition is the most convenient option for your Economics preparation. Give it a try before you consider other options! 



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