Comparing the Top-Rated Secondary Math Tuition Centers in Singapore

Secondary math is a demanding subject, and one way to approach it is by enrolling in top-rated secondary math tuition. The process of finding a tuition center that provides both excellent education and a nurturing learning environment can be time-consuming.

In this article, we offer a comprehensive comparison of top-rated secondary math tuition centers in Singapore to assist you in making an informed choice.

Peak tuition

Peak Tuition is a leading tuition academy in Singapore. Their tutors are incredibly supportive, and they believe that every student has the potential to do great things in life. Some of their notable points are:

  • Their syllabus and tutors are MOE-approved.
  • They provide interactive whiteboards that encourage learning.
  • They offer in-person classes only. However, their Upper Thomson branch is just a 3-minute walk from Upper Thomson MRT and a mere 5-minute stroll from Marymount MRT.
  • Their tutors ensure each student gets individual attention.

  • Each student’s progress is assessed every month.
  • They provide snacks and drinks throughout the sessions to ensure students are comfortable.
  • The small class size makes it easier for students to communicate with their tutors.
  • They provide free past papers and lectures.

Peak tuition is a top-rated secondary math tuition in Singapore for good reason. You can book their trial class to experience their services, and when you are satisfied, fill out this form to enroll.


PMC is a top-rated secondary math tuition center in Singapore. Their top-notch tutors provide 24/7 help via WhatsApp. Following are some key features of their center.

  • They have a diverse student body that includes different independent and hardworking individuals.
  • Their tutors are fun while also being sincere about their craft.
  • They have tuition centers all over Singapore, so you can find one convenient for you!
  • Due to the number of students wanting to enroll, they have a strict no-walk-in policy.
  • 80% of their students consistently score A grades and above. 
  • They are very selective, making sure only the best tutors get the opportunity to teach there.

If you have any questions, you can enroll in their demo classes.

Math Note Tuition Center

The Math Note Tuition Center is extremely popular. They have a remarkable track record and have been tutoring for 15 years.

  • They have a 3-stage learning cycle that ensures students master secondary math.
  • Their small classes foster a positive learning environment, ensuring a student is never left confused.
  • They offer free trial classes.
  • They offer MOE-approved tutors, and they follow the MOE-approved syllabus.
  • They have a 91% improvement rate.
  • Their dedicated and patient teachers provide personalized attention to each student.

For further inquiries, you can contact them via email.

different math formulas

New Dawn Learning Studio

A former head of the math department co-founded New Dawn Learning Studio in 2015. Ever since, they have helped numerous students achieve their goals. Some of their selling points are:

  • Their tutors are MOE-approved.
  • All of their tutors have more than ten years of experience.
  • They have open-concept classrooms to promote collaboration amongst students and their tutors.
  • They offer facilities like study pods and libraries to encourage self-study.
  • For relaxation and socializing, they offer common and comfortable social spaces. 
  • Their tutors identify and assist students in mastering the areas where they struggle.
  • They always go above and beyond for their students by hosting graduation and Christmas parties.
  • Their tutors are approachable and willing to help you via WhatsApp, in person, or Zoom.

You can book a trial class and make your decision based on it.

Comparison at a Glance

Tuition Fees for O Level Students$500 per monthAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry$70 per lesson
How’s the Faculty?Experienced and MOE-approved tutorsExperiencedMOE-approved teachers.MOE-approved teachers.
Ministry of Education ApprovedYesYesYesYes
Free trial lessonsYesYesYesYes

Choose What is Best for You

To make the right decision, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of every top-rated secondary math tuition center mentioned above. Peak Tuition has a variety of facilities and is well worth your time. Join us and be one step closer to your desired grade!



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