Creating Your O Level Exam Study Plan

The last month before your O Level’s final can really amp up your nerves. With chaos and panic taking up your headspace, it may be difficult to concentrate on your studies. Fortunately, all you need is an effective O Level Exam Study Plan. This article outlines what to prioritize in the final month before your exams.

Ensure you have Covered the Whole Syllabus

First and foremost, you must ensure that you have been through the syllabus of all the subjects at least once. Before jumping into past paper practice or revision, strengthen your foundation by building your basic concepts. 

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You can set a strong foundation for your exams by being equipped with the basic concepts. You may prioritize some topics over others if you don’t have time. However, make sure that you at least read through every topic once. 

Review Your Previous Mistakes

Never ignore your mistakes. In fact, you should flag them down for review later. Your mistakes can be very beneficial as they can help you resolve doubts you didn’t even know you had. 

Analyze why you made the mistake, and spend some time building on that concept.

Learn the correct answer, and note it down the question so you can practice it again later. This way, you can slowly eradicate all your mistakes and attain perfection. 

Practice Full-Length Past Papers

In the last month before your exams, it’s expected that you are done with the syllabus. Therefore, you should start practicing full-length papers. Set a timer, and get seated to practice a full-length past paper in one go. Make sure that you don’t have any distractions and create exam-like conditions. 

Do not refer to your books or the marking scheme until you have finished.  When you check your paper, you can filter out your weaker areas. You have plenty of time to work on your weaker areas and strengthen your concepts. Do not panic, and keep practicing.

Prioritize Weaker Subjects in Your O Level Exam Study Plan

It’s important to allocate more time for subjects that you find challenging or difficult. While it’s ideal to distribute your time evenly, you may be better prepared in one subject, allowing you to shift your focus to the others. 

For instance, if Physics has more content than English, you should spend more time on the former than the latter. Therefore, be mindful when practicing and dedicate more time to your subjects that need it. Despite your efforts, if you are still struggling in a particular subject, there’s no shame in asking for help. You can fill out this form to enroll in our classes right away! If you’re unsure if enrolling in our classes is a good idea, take a trial class and see for yourself!

Self Evaluation

Regularly test yourself so you know whether you are well prepared. You can learn and eradicate mistakes, clear doubts, and strengthen weaker concepts. Self-evaluation will polish your preparation and remove recurring errors that limit your potential. 

You can train your mind to work under pressure and not exceed the time limit. Comparing your answers against the examiners will help you pinpoint what the examiner wants. Self-evaluation can help you dodge any mistakes you make in your exam.  

Keep Calm and Don’t Panic

Put in all the effort from your side, and relax. Be confident and have faith in yourself if you have done your best. O Levels is not an impossible feat. You can succeed with flying colors if you have worked hard. Do not doubt your capabilities or be disheartened. Confidence is key to performing well, so walk into the exam hall believing you will do well!

Create an O Level Exam Study Plan With Us

You can ace your O Level Finals with the right strategy. Ensure that you know the syllabus and have a strong foundation so that you can answer all the exam questions with ease. To polish your preparation, keep practicing and review your mistakes while working on weaker areas. Believe in yourself and your hard work, you will not be disappointed. 



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