Demystifying O Level Math Syllabus

“Maths” is a subject that haunts every student throughout their school life. Are you also in O Levels worried about failing this scary subject? You do not have to worry anymore! In this article, we have summarized O Level Math Syllabus so you can start preparing yourself ahead of time.

As a reminder, there are two maths papers in O Levels. Paper 1 has 26 compulsory short questions, and paper 2 has various 9-10 questions. Both exams are 2 hours and 15 minutes long, so start working on time management while preparing for your O Level examinations.  

Student studying O Level Math Syllabus

O Level Math Syllabus Key Topics 

Here is a detailed look into O Level Math Syllabus Key topics. It will give you a kick start in your O Level maths journey.

Number And Algebra

This component covers various topics related to calculating numbers and algebraic equations. Students learn about different types of numbers, functions, and matrices,  calculating ratios, percentages, and rates, and solving algebraic expressions and inequalities.  

Students need to have clear concepts of each topic. They should also know where to apply each formula with proper reasoning. The main focus is to be able to solve linear equations, interpret function graphs, and have a way with numbers. Algebra is the most challenging sub-topic, and one requires lots of focus and practice to solve it smoothly.

Geometry And Measurement

This topic includes many sub-topics like angles, trigonometry, circle properties, vectors, and coordinate geometry. Students learn how to use different trigonometric ratios and Pythagoras’ theorem to solve questions related to right-angled triangles. 

The mensuration topic focuses on a deep understanding of different shapes. A solid understanding of every shape’s area, perimeter, and other properties is a bonus. Students also study how to work with graphs and learn various questions involving vectors in two dimensions. 

Statistics And Probability

As the name suggests, this component focuses on interpreting and analyzing data from graphs, tables, bar charts, etc. To have a full grip on this topic, students need to fully understand how to analyze data from statistical diagrams and calculate their averages, median, mode, and range. 

It also focuses on calculating probability. Many students find it hard initially, but with time, they enjoy solving the probability questions. This component develops a base for students willing to pursue a career in data sciences. 

How To Prepare For O Level Math Syllabus? 

The best way to prepare for the O Level Math syllabus is to practice as many questions as possible. You can easily find many topical questions in the O Level Maths past papers. Make a list of all the topics assessed in the exam and start ticking them off. The more you practice, the more perfect you will get at this subject! 

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