Demystifying O Level PURE PHYSICS Syllabus

‘O Level Physics ‘ can be a very daunting subject. Are you also afraid to study this frightening subject? You don’t have to worry anymore! This article covers all the nooks and crannies of the O Level Pure Physics Syllabus and how to ace it.

O Level physics comprises three components: Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3. Paper 1 is an hour-long MCQ test consisting of 40 questions. Paper 2 is based on structured and free-response questions and has a variable number of questions in section ‘A’ and three questions in section ‘B’. This component is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Paper 3 is a practical exam and is 1 hour and 50 minutes long.

O Level Pure Physics Syllabus Key Topics:

Here is a detailed overview of the key topics of the O Level Pure Physics Syllabus


Measurement is one of the most essential topics of O Level Physics as its knowledge is required in the entirety of the physics syllabus. Thus, knowing the basics of this topic is the key to easily acing this subject.

This component covers the understanding of the physical world by using physical quantities and a strong and logical-mathematical structure to express them. A base set of physical quantities coupled with an order-of-ten prefix e.g. kilo, milli, and centi etc, can be used to describe all kinds of interactions between the objects in the system.

Newton Mechanics

Mechanics is the study of motion and its causes. This topic expands on subtopics such as Kinematics, which deals with motion only, disregarding its causes. Forces and the laws of motion are introduced as well. This unit also explains pressure and moments caused by forces.

Lastly, this section deals with the usage of forces in the subtopic: work, energy, and power. This topic will make sure to test your mathematical knowledge at many points. Therefore, we recommend sharpening your mathematical skills.

Thermal Physics

This section of O Level physics deals with a product of force application–  friction which causes heat. Thermal Physics begins with a detailed introduction of the Kinetic Model of Matter. The unit uses the Kinetic Model of Matter to explain physical properties and predict the changes of matter in correspondence to heat and energy transfer.

Student Studying O Level Pure Physics Syllabus

This topic is mostly theoretical and highly mark-gaining if you have clear concepts and a firm grip on it. Fill out this form to enroll in our physics batch and clear your Thermal Physics concepts today! 


By definition, waves are the movement of energy from one point to another. This topic briefly describes waves and then deals with their nature. The unit then delves into the properties of light, electromagnetic sound, and their usage in our daily lives. Their usage in our homes, wireless communication, and the medical industry is widely discussed.

Electricity and Magnetism

This final topic is the highlight of O Level Physics, as a lot of high-weightage exam questions are based on this each year. It deals with the discussion of static and non-static charges leading us to the vital concepts of current, voltage, EMF, and resistance.

Later, the topic introduces students to circuits and their applications. Magnetism is also discussed thoroughly. The unit also describes the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism. Lastly, the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is talked about.

O Level Pure Physics Syllabus Assessment Objectives

The main objectives of O Level Pure Physics are to deliver knowledge with an understanding of the subject matter and to keep scientific phenomena, facts, and theories in mind.

The syllabus focuses on teaching students to handle information and solve problems. Last but not least, experimental skills and investigations are highly stressed.

Save Your Pure Physics Grade Today!

It should be kept in mind that this particular subject requires immense attention and practice. The key to doing well in O Level Physics is to practice daily.  A combination of thorough knowledge and daily practice is the secret recipe to securing your desired grade. 

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