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Enhance O Level Chinese Writing Skills

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and especially writing lengthy essays in Chinese is very hard. There are many effective ways for improving Chinese writing skills that can boost the quality of your writing and help you ace your O Level exam. 

We have mentioned some of our best tips to enhance your skills in writing. You can use them to prepare for your O Level exam and write a grammatically correct essay.

What Challenges Do Students Face in Writing Chinese?

Most students find writing Chinese a challenge because:

  • They are weak at grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Only a few pupils read books daily.
  • Conveying their ideas with words is trickier than speaking them out.
  • They only know about the easy words used in daily life. Therefore, learning rich vocabulary requires lots of practice.

Why is It Important to Improve Chinese Writing Skills?

The writing paper matters a lot in your final O Level Chinese grade. Two parts are tested in the writing paper:

  1. The first part is about writing an email
  2. The other focuses on creative writing. 

You can not score well in it unless you master writing essays and emails. That’s why improving your Chinese writing skills is very significant.

Our Top Tips For Improving Chinese Writing Skills

These are the top strategies for improving Chinese writing skills. If you follow them, you will definitely get an above-average grade on your writing paper. 

Watch Chinese Movies With Subtitles

The most fun way of improving your Chinese writing skills is to watch many Chinese movies with ‘subtitles’. Sometimes the characters in the film speak native Chinese with complex vocabulary. You can learn these words and also learn how to use them in the proper context. 

You will neither get bored nor drained because many students enjoy watching movies. If entertainment could be a way of improving Chinese writing skills, why not use it? Download appropriate movies, start watching them, and improve your vocabulary. 

Read Lots of Books

If you are a bookworm and prefer books over movies, reading numerous Chinese books is also the best method of enhancing your creative writing. Reading books improves your vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar as well. It also gives you an idea of various sentence structures and uses of tenses in the right places. 

You can understand how different writers pen down their thoughts and then use various writing styles to make your essays gripping. The best writer is the one who keeps the reader hooked till the end.

Make a List of Hard Chinese Vocabulary

Watching movies or reading books will not be productive until you note down all the words you have learned with their meanings. Write down at least three synonyms of every word, so you have a wide range of words to use in your exam. 

Start ticking off the words you have memorized and revise them each week. If you do not revise them consistently, you can not keep track of all the words in your brain till your final O Level Chinese exam.

 chinese written on board

Practice Writing Every day 

Another vital tip for amplifying your writing skills is to practice daily. Use all the words you have learned in your essays; this way you will understand how to use the correct vocabulary in the accurate context. Gather the questions given in previous past papers, and start writing on them. 

It is best to write at least one essay and one email on alternative days. Practicing continuously will also increase your interest in writing and reach you to perfection. You will also not feel anxious as you would have already written in Chinese numerous times before your final O Level exam!

Take Professional Advice on Your Writing

After you have done all the hard work, get your writing checked by a MOE-approved teacher. Professional remarks are crucial to become an expert in your essays. Everyone learns from their mistakes, and you can only know about your lackings through an experienced Chinese teacher.

They will ensure you maintain tense consistency, use appropriate punctuation marks, and apply all the grammar rules in your writing. If you want to get your essays assessed by MOE-approved tutors you can enroll in our O Level Chinese classes by filling out this form.

Enroll for Improving Your Chinese Writing Skills With Us

Many experienced Chinese teachers at Peak Tuition will guide you in every possible way to ace your writing exam. If you are unsure about joining us, you can first attend a trial class and enroll if you are satisfied.



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