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Expert Chinese Language Classes for Secondary Students

Secondary Chinese has many intricacies and is a tricky language to master. Proper guidance and efforts are needed to ace this subject. As a result, many students have started to opt for expert secondary Chinese language classes. 

By opting for tuition classes, students get the required knowledge and guidance from experts. Such tuition centers also help students obtain their desired grades and excel at secondary Chinese. 

However, due to the number of tuition centers present in Singapore, finding a center that aligns perfectly with your needs can be a challenge. In this article, we look at some of the top secondary Chinese classes in Singapore to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Secondary Chinese Language Classes in Singapore

Let’s look at some of the top Secondary Chinese language classes in Singapore.

Peak Tuitions

As a secondary Chinese tuition in Singapore, Peak Tuitions is an alma mater dedicated to nurturing young minds. They aim to help their students reach new heights and excel at everything they do. Peak Tuitions ensures that it not only provides students with a learning platform but also an inspiring and motivating environment to support their personal growth. 

This institution believes that every student has the potential to reach the sky through their resilience and hard work. They ensure that their students get the highest level of attention through their dedicated expert tutors. More details about Peak Tuitions are below:

  • Ms. Jade Yu is their MOE-approved dedicated tutor for secondary Chinese. She has a passion for precision and a deep understanding of her subject. 
  • Materials are provided to students at a reasonable price.
  • Peak Tuitions provides online and in-person classes.

  • Peak Tuition examines each student’s progress monthly
  • They regularly inform parents about their child’s progress.
  • A trial class is offered at a discounted rate of $29.99.

This institution has classes every week. Their monthly fee sums up to $500. They also provide discounts if you refer them to a friend. 

Number of People Discount Offered On Tuition Fee
Two10% off for both of you
Four20% off for all four of you
Six plus30% off for all of you

To ace secondary Chinese and ensure excellent results, enroll at Peak Tuitions by filling out this form now. 

SY Wang Chinese Distinction Learning Studio

It is a leading tuition center founded by Ms Sy Wang, who has a full-time teaching experience of more than 20 years. She is a proficient Chinese tutor with all the necessary knowledge to deal with different students. 

She specially designs her course material according to the learning needs of all students. Many students have received outstanding results due to her efforts and strategies. Let’s look at some more information regarding SY Wang Chinese Distinction Learning Studio:

  • She tries to connect with her students on a personal level.
  • She has taught across all levels and has vast knowledge regarding the intricacies of the Chinese language.
  • Ms Sy Wang is bilingual and can help students understand anything with quick translations.
  • Options for group classes or one-to-one classes are available.
  • She uses creative and innovative teaching methods to intrigue the students.
  • The classes can also be online according to the feasibility of the students.

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

Jocelyn Chinese tuition centers have MOE-approved tutors that curriculum curricular and practice material regularly. They take pride in having practice materials that suit the specific needs of all students. They also involve a bilingual strategy to help students learn efficiently. Further details are below:

  • They work to strengthen language foundations to develop critical thinking skills in students.
  • This institution provides the facility of online classes as well as physical classes. 
  • They have a monthly fee of $240.
  • They identify significant challenges faced by students whilst learning Chinese and provide adequate strategies to tackle them.
  • The resources used in their enrichment programs are uploaded for reference regularly.

Eduz Tuition

Eduz Tuition is a high-rated tuition center in Singapore, which was established in 2010. They have assisted over 3000 students in learning Secondary Chinese and acing it. They require no enrollment or material fees. All of their tutors are qualified, with an average experience of 7 years. They also provide the following facilities:

  • They have a small class size to provide individual attention to students.
  • They provide students with personal tablets, ensuring that they can view what is taught on the digital whiteboard.
  • Lessons are carefully designed so their students can get maximum practice to ace their examinations.
  • Their fee is around $200 for four classes that are 2 hours each.

Choosing the Best Secondary Chinese Language Classes

To choose the most suitable tuition center, students should consider the qualities of all tuition centers. It is crucial to evaluate the quality of education provided. Experienced tutors should also be sought after when choosing the right secondary Chinese language tuition.

Peak tuition provides the best facilities at a fair price. Their tutors are MOE-approved and also guide students aside from academics. They have innovative teaching methods that help students in retaining information. It is a great option to consider while looking for secondary Chinese classes.



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