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Find the Best  O Level Math Tuition in Singapore

With the increasing complexity of the Math curriculum, parents are looking for the best O Level Maths tuition to help their children with extra learning. 

However, there are many O Level math tuition, and finding the right one can be a hassle. But you do not have to worry anymore! In this article, we have compared the five best O Level maths tuition in Singapore to help you with your decision. 

The Five Best O Level Math Tuition Centres in Singapore

Opting for O Level Tuition can be extremely beneficial. Here is a list of the best O Level Math tuition centers in Singapore to choose from.

1- Peak Tuition

It is a leading academy in Singapore for  O Level students, which provides a 100% guarantee for grade improvement. Peak tuition offers the following facilities:

  • You can enquire about the classes through Whatsapp. 
  • It offers free past papers and other resources for  O Levels.
  • There are many experienced Math tutors available.
  • The environment supports learning for students from every culture. 
 Opt for the Best O Level Math Tuition Today
  • It follows a comprehensive  O Level Math curriculum.
  • Free revision lessons are uploaded on youtube.
  • It offers a free demo class for new students. 
  • There are group discounts as well if you are applying with friends.
  • The social butterfly program pays you if you refer any student to the Peak Tuition.

Having so many benefits, this tuition center is the best choice! Book a trial lesson now, and if you are satisfied, fill out the enrollment form.

2-  Math Science Guru

Only one tutor, Mr. Allen, runs this education center. He teaches maths, chemistry, physics, and science. These are some specific points about Math Science Guru:

  • There is only one teacher available.
  • You can book a free trial lesson for 90 minutes.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • The classes only contain 3 to 5 students and encourage fewer distractions.
  • The syllabus taught syncs with the topics being learned at school.
  • He also offers crash courses.

It is a good option if you do not want many tutors to choose from.

3- Debbie’s Learning Cove

Another option for a tuition center with only one teacher is Debbie’s Learning Cove. It is one of the best  O Level maths tuition centers and was founded by an experienced teacher, Mrs Debby Cove. Here are the features of this tuition center:

  • There are air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Mrs. Debby provides well-described notes and past papers practice.
  • Classes have small groups of students, and Mrs. Debby answers every student’s questions.
  • You can take online lessons on Zoom as well.
  • There are flexible days and times to choose from for your schedule.

Therefore, if you are looking for an academy that provides online lessons, you can give it a try.

4- The Math Lab

This academy experts in the subject of Maths only. It offers:

  • Online classes, home tuitions, on-site classes, whatever is convenient for you.
  • Teachers approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • MOE-approved curriculum.
  • Detailed and comprehensive notes.
  • A re-scheduled lesson if you miss a class.

You can try the Math Lab if you prefer home tutoring.

5- Andrew Yap Education Center

Jasmine Yap and Andrew Yap are the founders of Andrew Yap Education Center. The syllabus and the teachers are MOE-approved. It is considered one of the best O Level math tuition and is a good choice because:

  • They offer extra practice.
  • The tutors provide attention to every individual in the class.
  • They offer crash courses before the final exams. 
  • They provide many useful notes and resources.

Comparison At A Glance

Tuition Fees for Olevel students$500 per monthAvailable upon inquiry$30 registration fees, $320 per 4 lessons$40 for registration, $420 per month$30 non-refundable registration fees, $320 per 4 lessons.
How’s the Faculty?Experienced and MOE-approved tutorsOnly one experienced tutor.Just one teacher.MOE-approved teachers.Best tutors.
Ministry of Education ApprovedYesYesYesYesYes
Free trial lessonsYesYesNoNoNo

Choose the Best One! 

We have summarized the top O Level maths tuition centers you can choose from in Singapore. As mentioned, Peak Tuition is an emerging academy for students facing difficulties with their O Levels. It has various facilities for all students and is worth giving a chance. After considering all factors, make a wise choice for yourself.



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