Find the Best O Level Pure Physics Tuition in Singapore

Like most students, self-studying for Physics must be a hassle for you. Numerous O Level Pure Physics tuition centers in Singapore help students with their O Level Physics exam preparation. However, the actual confusion is, which is the best option for you? 

In this article, we have found a solution for you by listing the top five affordable O Level physics tuitions in Singapore. All of these offer different facilities for their students. So, let’s find the perfect one for you!

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The Peak Tuition

Peak Tuition is a leading educational center in Singapore. Its faculty and intellectual environment are boosting many students’ academic growth. Here’s a look at the facilities it provides:

  • MOE-approved and experienced physics tutors are available around the clock.
  • You can download many free notes, past papers, and other resources.
  • There is no discrimination among students from different backgrounds.
  • The teachers follow the national O Level Physics curriculum. 
  • Assignments ensure consistent learning. 
  • If you have any inquiries, you can contact the admin through WhatsApp.
  • There is a trial class to help you make a thoughtful decision.
  • You all can get a group discount if you have a group of friends.
  • A social butterfly program pays you for referring any friend or siblings to Peak Tuition.

If you are willing to join, please fill out the enrollment form. It will be worth your money and time!

Best Physics Tuition

Mr. Tony Chee, a MOE-approved teacher with a First class Honours degree from the UK, runs the Best Physics Tuition. He offers the following accommodations for his students:

  • He teaches according to the curriculum approved by the educational ministry.
  • You will get all the past papers and worksheets during classes.
  • All of his classes are engaging, informative, and fun to attend.
  • Although you do not have to pay any deposit, there is no refund option in case of any emergency. 

It is located near Bukit Timah Shopping Center and Waterloo Centre, so you can choose it if you live near these areas.

Sophia Education

With ten years of experience, Sophia Education is another top O Level pure physics tuition center in Singapore.

  • You can take group lessons or choose a one-on-one class.  
  • All the lessons are relevant to the national curriculum.
  • The teachers also revise the physics topics you learn at school every day.
  • Consistent tests, practice worksheets, and homework motivate you to study.
  • Tutors are available for any help at any time. 

It is a good choice if you prefer one-on-one lessons instead of learning with a group of students.

Concept First

Many students have studied from Concept First for their O Level Physics exams and scored their desirable grades because:

  • The teachers provide a detailed analysis of its curriculum.
  • There is a physics practical lab to help you with paper three.
  • Monthly test reports analyze each student’s progress.
  • Tutors also assist students outside of class hours.
  • They provide many videos on Youtube to revise your concepts.

The Physics Cafe

It is also a great option as the Physics Cafe permits either opting for physical classes or digital lessons at your convenience. The centre’s experienced tutors provide a detailed explanation of the national O Level Physics syllabus and clarify all the key concepts.

The best part is that they allow you to only pay for one lesson and begin regular classes once satisfied. This tuition center is known to produce the most A-graded results!

Comparison At a Glance

Here’s a summarized look at their major factors:

Key FactorsThe Peak TuitionBest Physics TuitionSophia EducationConcept FirstThe Physics Cafe
Course Fees$500 monthly$300-$350 for every four lessonsThe fee varies. Different charges for different programsContact them for details, the fee varies
Type of TeachersExtremely experienced Physics tutorsOne MOE-approved Physics tutorTeachers with seven to twenty years of experienceMOE-approved teachersExperienced Physics Tutors
MOE-approved curriculumYesYesYesYesYes
Trial lessonsYesNo demo lessonRefunds after the first unsatisfied lessonNoOne trial class (not free)

Select The Right One!

We have narrowed down the list of O-level physics tuitions to a few best for you. After considering their locations, fees, environment, and curriculum, choose the right one. Peak Tuition is the most convenient as it is reasonable and offers multiple academic luxuries for its students. Think carefully because it is a matter of your grades!



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