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Flexible Online Secondary Chinese Tuition

It is difficult for most students to commute from their homes to their tuition centers to learn Chinese. Online Chinese Tuition comes into the picture here! Since the pandemic, online classes have been gaining support because they are more convenient and easier than physical classes.

Many tuition centers are providing online Chinese tuition for all students. Read along to discover the top options and register for the most suitable one!

Connected Learning

Connected Learning accommodates students with fun online Chinese lessons to improve their language skills. Other facilities it offers are:

  • All classes are based on the national O-level Chinese syllabus.
  • The teachers follow a creative approach to teaching.
  • All the tutors have two to seven years of experience in the field.
  • You can learn wherever you want.
  • It also facilitates flexible timings.
  • There are oral lessons where teachers converse with students in fluent Chinese.
  • Each class entertains only four students. This ensures that each student is given individual attention!

They even offer a free trial class before you enroll to ensure Connected Learning is the tuition center for you!

Yi Dian Tong

Yi Dian Tong is the best online Chinese tuition because of many factors. Here’s a brief overview of the reasons why Yi Dian Tong is among the leading tuition centres in Singapore:

  • It follows the MOE-approved Chinese syllabus. 
  • All the local teachers are experts in the language.
  • The online lessons are interactive and engaging. 
  • Teachers email the learning resources to the students. 
  • The class group is small to encourage attentive lessons. 
  • The teachers provide personal feedback for every student.

If you are willing to excel in Chinese from the comfort of your home, book a trial class at Yi Dian Tong!

Nanyang Learning Center

If you are facing challenges in learning Chinese Nanyang Learning Center is the one for you! Its online classes are effective because:

  • The online teachers use advanced methods to teach the language. 
  • Online home assignments are provided for consistent learning. 
  • You can request for your desired tutor. 
  • Whether you are an international student, Nanyang Learning Center provides lessons for every time zone. 
  • Over 30,000 students have gained assistance from this tuition.

EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Center

EduGrove is a Chinese tuition center that also offers online lessons. Here’s a brief overview of its amenities:

  • The teachers use games to enrich students’ Chinese.
  • They follow a strict curriculum that matches the national syllabus.
  • Parents can contact the teachers directly.
  • They offer online classes for both local and international students.
  • You can either take one-on-one lessons or group classes.
  • There are two weekly classes, and the maximum group size is twelve.
  • You can book a trial class and get a 15% discount on the fee if you join in the same week!

Comparison At a Glance

Here is an overview of the key factors:

NamesPricing For Secondary ClassPlatform For Online ClassTutors Quality
Connected Learning$345 monthlyYou can find out when you registerExperienced teachers
Yi Dian Tong$60 per lessonA registered platformExpert Chinese tutors
Nanyang Learning CenterThe hourly rate varies from $30 to $90Zoom, Google Hangout, or SkypeA team of high-quality tutors.
EduGroveRegistration fee: $50Contact them directly for the term fee structureZoomMOE-approved and trained tutors

The Best Online Chinese Tuition is The Most Comfortable One!

You must consider your comfort and ease when choosing your online Chinese tuition. Learning online is a tricky task as you may lose focus instantly. Therefore, an online platform that offers interactive lessons and friendly teachers is the one for you.

However, it’s important to remember that online lessons are not always beneficial. Most students find them distracting and prefer physical classes more. If you want to attend on-site O Level Chinese classes that will help you improve your grades in no-time, Peak Tuition is best for you! We have recently initiated our Chinese lessons for lower Sec, upper Sec and O Levels. Our tuition centre is worth your time and money because of our flexibility, and trained teachers.

If you are still hesitating, we suggest booking a 100% money-back guaranteed trial lesson before joining our classes. If you are satisfied with our teaching, fill out the enrolment form to experience interactive learning.



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