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How Can Mock Revision Classes Help You Ace Exams 

Due to the sheer complexity of the O Level examination, many students face numerous issues whilst preparing. One of the most prominent issues is understanding the exam pressure and conditions. To stimulate these conditions, students need to attend mock revision classes

These classes have many advantages, and they assist students in enhancing their performance. Let’s look at how mock revision classes help students ace their O Level examinations.

Students are Forced To Begin Their Preparation Early 

Students often procrastinate before their exams and leave their preparation to the last minute as the O Level examinations are usually taken during summers. Since this time seems to be a lifetime away, students neglect their studies and fall prey to the last-minute syndrome. 

However, the mock revision classes force the students to appropriately focus on their study schedule. As a result, they put in constant effort and cover maximum content before their examinations, which saves them from additional stress and anxiety.

Understanding the Exam Pressure

It is crucial to consider that no matter how well-prepared a student is, the exam pressure is extremely brutal and many students fail to battle it. Countless students face issues like time management or anxiety attacks, which disrupt their pace.

As a result of mock revision classes, students get familiar with the exam conditions. They know the content pressure and learn to manage their time effectively for a better result. These mock examinations are an excellent opportunity for students to figure out and practice what works best for them.

Identifying Topics that Require Further Attention

Attempting mock examinations can help students identify problematic areas well before their O Level examinations. They provide students with a clear overview of the areas that require further revision or rigorous practice. Identifying errors can also help students understand the exact areas of the subject content that need attention. 

Furthermore, mock examinations help students get comfortable with receiving feedback and learning about their performance from a tutor’s point of view, which paves the way for improvement and excellent grades. 

Evaluating Retention Skills

Students get an excellent opportunity to test their retention capabilities and knowledge through mock examinations. These examinations provide students with practice, which is crucial to ace their O Levels. Simply revising the subject content is insufficient for retention. Consequently, mock revision classes become an essential practice opportunity for all students. 

Discovering the Revision Strategies that Suit Them

While studying for mock examinations, students can learn about effective study techniques that work for them. Numerous study methods like rereading or highlighting are often ineffective for many students. 

To prepare for their mock revision classes, students can adopt various methodologies for helpful retention such as spacing out revision sessions, which provides students ample time to learn and relearn.

student preparing for exams on her desk

Other than that, students can use self-questioning techniques to help themselves retain better. Through these strategies, students can have exceptional preparation for their O Levels and achieve their desired grades with ease. 

Mock Revision Classes at Peak Tuitions 

At Peak Tuitions, we provide exceptional educational services to numerous students and assist them in excelling in their examinations. To aid our students in understanding the examination conditions and to help them evaluate their preparation, Peak Tuitions has decided to conduct mock revision classes. These classes are for O Level E Math, O Level A Math and O level Chemistry.

These classes will be 2 hours long and taught by Ms Kydy, who has four years of experience. Students have the option to either take these classes online or in person. Furthermore, students receive high-quality resources for effective studying. Students also get the required practice by attempting practice mock examinations. Our tutors provide students with personalised feedback to help them identify the problematic areas. These revision classesare scheduled from 1st October to 30th October.

Mock Paper Class Fees

1 PAPER$25

                                                  JUNIOR COLLEGE
1 PAPER$30

If you feel satisfied with our services in these classes and would like to join our regular batch, enroll at Peak Tuitions by filling out this form. However, if you need to learn further about us, you can opt for a trial session.



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