How to Choose the Right Secondary Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Chinese has quickly become one of the most sought-after second languages in the world. However, learning Chinese is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of guidance and effort. Thus, this brings many students to a very bothersome question ‘How to choose Chinese tuition?’. 

Many o level students aspire to learn this language due to the increase in its presence in the business market. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore! This article covers all aspects you should evaluate while looking for the perfect Chinese tuition for your child. 

How to Choose Chinese Tuition for Your Child? 

The factors mentioned below are to be kept in focus when looking for Chinese Tuition.

Class size

While looking for tuition, especially for a language like Chinese, class size should be kept high on the list of crucial factors.  It is advisable to opt for tuition with a comparatively smaller class size so that the students get undivided attention. 

It will also ensure a lesser number of students that are likely to dominate discussions which would result in better overall class participation. At Peak Tuitions, we keep our class sizes smaller to ensure an engaging and conducive atmosphere.

Bilingual Tutors

While looking for Chinese tuition, a tutor skilled in both Chinese and the native language should be considered. Students will surely benefit from a bilingual tutor as misconceptions and confusion can be efficiently cleared by a quick translation. A bilingual tutor with an effective teaching strategy can be the key to your child’s success in studying Chinese as a subject. 


A high-quality education should not cost a fortune. Certain Chinese tuitions charge students a massive amount of money that can affect the entire family’s finances. Therefore, comparing the prices before signing up for any institution is advisable. Peak Tuitions’ keeps this in mind and offers the best quality education at a fair price. 

Understanding Your Child’s Needs

As a parent, it is essential to understand that each child differs from their peers. They differ in terms of mental capabilities and in their way of learning. This means that students require teaching methods that suit their needs for effective learning.

 Girl Writing in Book

Some students are better learners through an auditory mode of teaching. On the other hand, some are better with visual means. Thus, when choosing Chinese tuition,  we encourage understanding what your child needs and providing it according to those requirements to ensure better learning. 

Researching Available Options

At this point, a wide variety of Chinese Tuition services are available. Nonetheless, not all of them are up to par. Thus it is essential to conduct in-depth research on all the available tuition centers and then opt for one that ticks all the boxes of your requirements.

Before choosing an option, you should consider each quality of the tuition center to avoid future educational discomfort. Peak Tuitions takes pride in being one of the best options available to cater to all your needs. 

If your child is struggling in Chinese, we have the perfect option for you. We recently introduced our Chinese Tuition Classes for lower, Upper Sec, and O Level Chinese. Fill up this form and enroll in our Chinese classes to secure your child’s future today!

Qualifications and Expertise of Tutors

The most crucial factor to consider while looking for Chinese tuition is the quality of education provided. Expertise can be easily judged by inquiring into the qualifications of the tutor involved.

A highly experienced tutor would be fully aware of the different methods to fulfill the needs of various students.  A deep understanding and knowledge of the subject matter can only be provided to students by a highly qualified tutor. 

Trial Lessons and Assessments

Before fully committing to Chinese tuition, it is necessary to have a trial session to evaluate whether it is according to your liking. It is essential to understand the style of teaching and the quality of education provided corresponds to your requirements or not.  At Peak Tuition, we support this ideology and urge you to book a free trial anytime. 

Making a Decision 

The above-listed factors are incredibly significant when looking for Chinese tuition. Considering these factors will not only ensure that you have everything precisely according to your requirements but also achieve high-quality schooling. If you are tired of googling ‘How to choose Chinese tuition?’, make sure to consider all the factors we mentioned above before making your decision.

Being fluent in Chinese will also demand a lot of effort and practice. Peak Tuitions will help you ensure that you ace Secondary Chinese by providing an excellent grade education and helping you with all your needs.



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