How to Get the Most Out of Your Mock Revision Classes in Singapore

Mock revision classes in Singapore are held a few days before the final O Level examinations. They follow an extensive learning plan based on the subject’s whole O Level curriculum. Numerous students attend these mock revision classes in Singapore to score their best in the final exams. 

However, only some students can get the most out of their mock revision classes in Singapore. If you are also one of those students looking for ways to make the best out of your mock revision classes, we are here to help you!

Strategies to Effectively Utilize Mock Revision Classes in Singapore 

Let’s look at some of the effective strategies: 

Attend Mock Revision Classes At a Reliable Tuition Center 

If you want to take comprehensive mock revision classes in Singapore, you should look for a reliable and MOE-approved tuition center that does so. However, finding a good tuition center takes a lot of work. Peak Tuition is an easiest and the best choice for efficient mock revision classes in Singapore. Here’s why: 

  • Ms Kydy, an expert tutor with four years of experience, conducts them 
  • Access to extensive notes, cheat sheets, and worksheets 
  • Timed practice to maintain time management 
  • Outside-class hour consultation through WhatsApp, Telegram, or Zoom.

We offer mock revision classes for Chemistry, E Maths, H1 and H2 Maths. These are the dates and charges for the mock exams:

SubjectsDatesOne paper costTwo papers cost
Chem P1 and P21st and 6th Oct$25$45
E Maths P1 and P22nd and 7th Oct$25$45
H2 Maths P1 and P215th and 29th Oct$25$45

You can learn more by clicking here. You can also experience a secondary tuition trial class, and become our student by filling out the enrollment form.

Make a Schedule

Once you start taking your mock revision classes in Singapore, you should make a strict schedule of what to do in a day. You should allocate each day to a specific subject and work according to that. 

group of four friends studying

You must balance your routine with mock revision classes so you do not feel burdened for extra learning and can easily study. An organized schedule also includes sleeping and waking up on time. It is best to avoid staying up late during mock revision classes so that you can focus on the classes and score the best in your mocks.

Revise Everything You Learn in The Classes

Another strategy is to revise whatever you have learned in your mock revision classes. When you return from your revision class, you should freshen up and recall all the concepts and questions you had that day. 

This way, you can easily cope with your mock revision classes’ pace and not forget anything. 

Make Hand-Written Notes 

You should make your notes on all the topics that are covered in your mock revision classes. Even though multiple tutors provide extensive resources in the class, it is better to make your hand-written notes. It is because many students understand their writing style better than the teacher’s writing style. 

When preparing for the final exams, you should take help from your notes and your teacher’s notes as well! 

Ask Questions in Class 

You can only learn in mock revision classes if you ask questions. Asking questions helps you interact with the teacher and other fellowmates. You can easily clear your doubts, understand better, focus more, and have more interest in the topic. 

At peak tuition, Ms Kydy answers every student’s question in an easy and friendly manner. 

Practice The Worksheets Provided 

In every mock revision class in Singapore, tutors provide comprehensive practice worksheets for the topic taught in class. If you want to get the most out of these extra resources, you should practice every worksheet daily. 

The more you practice, the more you will grasp the topic. You can also identify your mistakes and correct them in the future. You can set timers to practice time management when doing past paper questions. This way, you will be prepared for timed mocks examinations and not run out of time. 

Join Our Mock Revision Classes for The Best Results! 

Hurry up! Sign up for our mock revision classes before the seats get full, and make the most out of our comprehensive mock preparation lessons!



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