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Inside Look at O Level Math Curriculum in Singapore

Math plays a major part in every field of life and is also a significant subject for university applications. O Level Math curriculum covers a wide range of challenging topics and prepares the students for their higher studies.

Our country follows a very beneficial O Level Math curriculum for all pupils. In this article, we have briefed all the details you need to know about the curriculum!

O Level Math Curriculum Objectives 

O Level Math Curriculum includes many complicated topics of Mathematics. The main objectives of the subject are:

  • To remember mathematical facts and use them.
  • To interpret data from graphs, tables, etc. 
  • To understand the link between the sub-topics and use correct mathematical operations for different contexts.
  • To provide a reason for every problem.

This curriculum prepares the students for higher A-level mathematics. Students develop an understanding of basic math and can easily pursue a career where math plays an important role.

 Student studying O Level Math Curriculum

Assessed Topics

The key topics tested in O Level Math are Numbers and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. These are further divided into many sub-topics. Students practice various tricky questions for each topic and aim to become an expert in them. 

They began preparing from very basic math like number systems to tough topics like vectors and algebra. If you wish to know more about the details of o level math’ key topics, you may visit this link.

O Level Math Curriculum Vs. Other Subjects’ Curriculum

The main difference between O Level Math Curriculum and other subjects’ curriculum is the detailed learning. In math, you are expected to apply every concept you have learned to real-life situations. While most subjects only focus on learning by heart, the math curriculum requires deep reasoning of every formula and topic. 

O Level Math curriculum also requires more practice every day than most subjects because it has unique exam questions every year. Unlike other subjects where you can learn any chapter at any time, all the topics in the math curriculum are linked and need to be studied in a sequence. 

Benefits of the Curriculum

At first, preparing according to the math curriculum seems tedious and lengthy. However, it proves to be a strict but detailed curriculum that is very advantageous for all the students as they move ahead in their lives. Let’s look at some of the benefits it brings to the o level students.

  • Practicing complex questions builds up confidence among students in O Level math.
  • Our O Level Math syllabus focuses on teaching concepts for every topic. It develops the foundation of basic math.
  • The curriculum follows a specific sequence of teaching topics. This way, the students do not confuse the concepts.
  • It ensures that every topic is taught in detail and not in a rush.
  • The curriculum also encourages students to use their brains for solving questions. 

This curriculum has been written to make children mathematicians! 

Score Well With Peak Tuitions

The exam format is quite simple to grasp. There are two papers that students should complete within 2 hours and 15 minutes. Each exam varies in the type of questions and their complexities. 

You can also attend tuitions for a better understanding of the topics. Peak tuition is there for you and provides helpful O Level math classes. You can have a trial class and enroll in our math classes today!

To score well, students need to have a clear understanding of the math curriculum and its key topics. The best way to ace math is to practice daily, take notes, and make a study timetable. 



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