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Junior College Cut Off Points 2023

Junior college cut off points are harsh, they determine whether you can get into the school of your choice!

The junior college (JC) cut off point system in Singapore is a method used to determine the minimum grade requirement for admission into a particular junior college. The cut off point is the minimum aggregate score that students need to achieve in their O-Level examinations to be eligible for admission into their desired JC.

How do Junior colleges decide who to admit to your schools?

The cut off point for each JC varies and is dependent on several factors such as the number of available spots, the quality of the students who have applied, and the academic level of the JC. For example, JCs with a strong reputation for academic excellence, such as Raffles Institution Junior College, typically have a higher cut off point compared to JCs with a less stringent academic culture.

Determining the cut off points

To determine the cut off point for each JC, the Ministry of Education takes into consideration the number of applicants, the number of available spots, and the academic results of the students. The cut off point is then adjusted accordingly to ensure that the JCs can admit students who meet the minimum academic standards.

When selecting a JC, it is important for students to consider their O-Level results and weigh the pros and cons of each JC. They should also consider their personal interests, goals, and future plans, as the JC they choose can have a significant impact on their future academic and career prospects.

For instance, students who are interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields may want to consider JCs with a strong reputation in those areas, such as Hwa Chong Institution Junior College. On the other hand, students who are more interested in arts, humanities, and social sciences may prefer JCs with a more diverse curriculum, such as National Junior College.

Anderson Serangoon JC1011
Anglo-Chinese JC89
Anglo-Chinese School
Catholic JC1313
Dunman High School89
Eunoia JC68
Hwa Chong Institution45
Jurong Pioneer JC1416
Nanyang JC56
National JC78
Raffles Institution, RI45
River Valley High School89
St. Andrew’s JC911
St. Joseph’s Institution7
Tampines JC1313
Temasek JC89
Victoria JC78
Yishun Innova JC2020
Accurate as of 2023

About Cut Off Points

If you are looking for junior college cut off points, bookmark this page so you can reference it anytime. We recommend if you want to secure your spot into the school, try to aim to score below the cut off points to secure your spot.

hwa chong junior college
Hwa Chong Instituition

A-Levels Vs IB

Keep in mind some schools like SJI and ACS I are IB schools, it means they don’t take A-levels as their university exams.

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