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Math Academy – Can I trust ?


Mr. Ian Ang, who boasts more than a decade of teaching experience, established Math Academy in 2013 as a tuition center that specializes in Mathematics. The center has gained recognition for its innovative teaching methodologies and impressive success rates.

Math Academy Teachers

The teachers at Math Academy are highly qualified and experienced, with many of them having graduated from top universities and holding degrees in Mathematics or related fields.

In addition to Mathematics, the center also offers tuition in subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, taught by teachers who have expertise in these areas.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology is highly structured and focuses on building a strong foundation in Mathematics. The center uses a unique approach that emphasizes problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and application of concepts in real-life situations.

Math Academy also places a strong emphasis on practice and revision, with regular homework assignments and assessments to help students reinforce their learning and identify areas for improvement.

The center also provides students with access to a wide range of resources, including online materials and past-year examination papers, to help them prepare for exams.

Overall, Math Academy has established itself as a premier provider of Mathematics tuition in Singapore, with a strong track record of helping students achieve academic success and build their confidence in the subject. With its experienced teachers and innovative teaching methodologies, the center is an excellent choice for students who are looking to excel in Mathematics and other related subjects.

Math Academy

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