Nine Best Maths Tutors in Singapore

If you find reaching the standard benchmark in maths a hassle, there are many best maths tutors in Singapore to help you. As we say the word “many,” we also recognize the increasing competition among the top math tutors in Singapore

Numerous maths tuition centers are home to well-educated, experienced, and MOE-approved tutors. That’s why finding the one compatible for you is a challenging and time-consuming task. This article is a detailed guide to the best maths tuition centers in Singapore, so read along to compare the options according to your needs!

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The Peak Tuition 

Our top choice is Peak Tuition because it is the “Legendary JC Math Tuition” with an encouraging environment and helpful teachers. Here are other reasons for considering it as the tuition center you opt for:

  • The maths tutors are experienced and mentor the students in all ways.
  • Shalyn Tay: The head tutor who specializes in math.
  • Kydey Yew: Senior secondary math tutor who helps students overcome the challenges of this scary subject.
  • Jade Yu: A well-educated JC math teacher.
  • Peak tuition provides a “JC H2 Math Guidebook” with detailed coverage of all maths concepts for your final junior college examinations.
  • You can learn from the video lessons for JC maths from the comfort of your home. 
  • Weekly classes and mocks boost students to work harder.
  • A free trial lesson is also offered for your convenience.
  • The fee is $500 per month.
  • You can join the telegram group to access the free download of many math resources. Following is an overview of the notes they provide:

TitleWhat does it cover?
H1 and H2 Junior College Math Notes.Summary of the topics and formulas.
H2 Maths TYS.Previous ten years A-level past papers with solutions. 
H2 Maths school Prelim Papers.Preliminary exams and their solutions.

Avail all of these facilities by enrolling now!

AGrader Learning Center

If you are looking for Primary, Pre-primary, or Secondary math tutors in Tampines, AGrader Learning Center is a good option because:

  • It offers four paid trial lessons before you enroll in the session.
  • There are lessons per week.
  • You can take on-site classes or online.
  • There is an online holiday program that ensures students do not lose track of their learning even during vacations.
  • Teachers provide math practice worksheets for every topic taught.
  • They assess the previous exam-style questions and teach students how to solve them.
  • Each class entertains only twelve students.
  • You get free access to their “Everloop Improvement System.”
  • There are nineteen locations for this learning center, and each has a varying fee structure.

You can register for their classes through their website.

Miracle Math

Miracle Math is the best maths tuition center for Primary, Secondary, and Additional maths. Let’s look into the different facilities they offer that make it a top choice:

  • It is a MOE-registered tuition center.
  • Students at Miracle Math improve their grades within a year.
  • Class sizes are small so pupils stay more attentive.
  • All the tutors are educated about the national curriculum.
  • They motivate the students and assist them in solving complex math problems.
  • You can contact them on WhatsApp to learn about the schedule and charges.

Here is an overview of Miracle Math’s faculty:

CharlesBachelor’s in Information Technology.
Mr. LimFirst Class Honours in Science.
SereneBachelor of Science.
Yan YiBachelor of Science.

The Learning Lab

Another leading maths tuition is The Learning Lab. It is best for primary students but also offers lessons for O-Level and A-Level students. We consider it a good tuition center because:

  • The teachers are friendly and provide quality education.
  • Math is taught according to the student’s school syllabus.
  • They also plan math activities to brainstorm with students.
  • A referral program gives you a discount on your fees if you refer friends to the Learning Lab.
  • You can buy their school items for organized learning.
  • Since many students prefer online lessons, there is also an option for that!
  • Parents can log in to their portal to enquire about their ward’s progress.
  • There are also programs for international students.
  • Their detailed fee structure is mentioned here.

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Mavis Tutorial Center

Teachers at Mavis Tutorial Center help students build up the basics for their O Level GCE examinations. These are some of the facilities it provides for its students:

  • You can choose part-time tutors or MOE-approved teachers with years of experience.
  • All the teachers are trained by the National Institute of Education.
  • There are fifteen locations so you can choose the one nearest to you.
  • They track each student’s weak areas through tests.
  • The national curriculum is followed.
  • Teachers use complex questions to boost reasoning.
  • Pass-out students have produced impressive results.

You have to pay $21.40 at the time of registration. Here is a glance at its fees for different programs:

Education levelMonthly fees
PrimaryRanges from $118 to $163
SecondaryRanges from $166 to $219
Junior College$302 to $326

Math Academia

Math Academia has been the best math tuition center in Singapore since 2015 and provides lessons for PSLE, O-Levels, and A-Levels students. Many of its students have been high achievers because of its numerous facilities:

  • All the tutors are MOE-approved. 
  • The tutors are constantly trained to keep them updated about the syllabus and way of teaching. 
  • Teachers provide many detailed resources to revise all math formulae and concepts.  
  • Students are encouraged to think out of the box and boost their analytical skills. 
  • There are multiple programs for Primary, Secondary, and College students. 
  • Some students can learn at their homes as well through digital classes.
  • At least 80% of their pupils score an A or a B grade. 
  • Parents can directly communicate with their child’s tutor. 
  • Maths Academia encourages group classes because learning with different students increases thinking skills.

Contact them through their website if you want to enquire about the fee breakdown. 

Matrix Math

Do you find math extremely complicated? No worries! Matrix Math is the top math tuition center that provides simplified lessons for all math topics. 

  • You can book a trial lesson to experience its learning atmosphere.
  • The MOE-approved maths faculty teaches according to the national curriculum.
  • They focus on the most assessed topics in the examinations.
  • All tutors follow the “Matrix Method.”
  • All the weekly lessons are recorded and uploaded on YouTube. Students can revise their concepts by watching those online lectures whenever they wish to.
  • There are programs for all students from Primary to A-Levels.
  • In each lesson, the teacher provides worksheets and solutions for questions to help the student grasp the concept.
  • Each program has different charges. 

Sign up for a trial lesson through the website and select your desired program!

Jimmy Maths

Jimmy Maths is an online math learning platform for students who encounter difficulties in solving math questions. It has many amenities for the students:

  • You can download the free guidebook for P4 to P6 Maths.
  • Ms. Jimmy Ling is the founder of this educational platform. 
  • She has a lot of experience in the field of maths and thinks that students should consistently revise the concepts to excel in this subject.
  • There are games to make maths fun for primary kids.
  • You can take classes on Zoom or learn from the pre-recorded online lectures.
  • There is a seven-day trial period for the pre-recorded videos.
  • There are many free resources that you can download.
  • The fee varies for online classes and recorded lectures. 

Everyday Tuition

Another best maths tuition center for Primary and Secondary kids is Everyday Tuition. Here’s why we think it is a top option:

  • 95% of their students get A or B grades.
  • You can attend group or personal lessons for Elementary and Advanced Maths.
  • The owner of this tuition center is Dr. Anngieline Lu, who has a Ph.D. and is MOE-trained.
  • Mr. Meldrick is the other tutor who is a math expert and assists students in learning productively.
  • You can also hire a home tutor.
  • If you want any further details, you can contact them directly through the website.

The fee increases if you take multiple subjects, but for maths, the following fee structure is applicable:

LevelsFee for Maths
Lower Primary$180
Upper Primary$190
Lower Secondary$199
Upper Secondary$210

Enroll in One of These Tuition Centres and Improve Your Grades Today

Your chosen math tutor must be qualified enough to help you with your maths level. After discovering the top options for the best maths tutor in Singapore, you can select the most feasible option. Our top choices for you are the Peak Tuition and Miracle Math. Attend a trial lesson at Peak Tuition and find out if our resources are ideal or not!



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