O Level Chemistry Syllabus: What You Need To Know

The Chemistry O level syllabus emphasizes conceptual understanding and knowing how to apply it in various situations. You will appear in three components: paper 1, paper 2, and paper 3.

Paper 1 consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. All of them are mandatory to attempt. Paper 2 is a theoretical paper. It contains two sections, with the first carrying 50 marks and the second carrying 30 marks. Paper 3 is a practical exam that requires you to perform experiments based on your understanding of the Chemistry O Level syllabus.

Topics You Need To Know

Following is a brief outline of the chemistry o level syllabus.

different chemicals on a table

Section I: Experimental Chemistry

In this section, you will learn how to handle laboratory apparatus safely. You will also learn about simple experimental techniques and chemicals. This section will then examine the methods of purification and teach you how to analyze the results. For better understanding, you will be encouraged to perform, for example, paper chromatography and distillation in the laboratory.

Lastly, this section will explore ions and gases. You will learn to differentiate between anions and cations and examine all tests related to them. You will also learn how to identify gases through their tests.

Section II: Atomic Structure And Stoichiometry

In this section, you will discover the various chemical properties of the elements in this section. You will go over the basics of kinetic particle theory. This unit will then explore the three types of bonding: ionic bonding, covalent bonding, and metallic bonding. Further, you will learn about the concepts of stoichiometry and mole. Knowing how to interpret and form chemical equations is the key to doing well on this topic.

Section III: Chemistry of Reactions

In this section, you will closely examine the decomposition of substances through electrolysis. You will learn about the real-life applications of electrolysis, such as electroplating. You must also know how to construct chemical equations and predict the products of the reactions occurring in electrolysis.

This section will then briefly dive into redox reactions and the factors that affect the speed of chemical reactions. Lastly, you will explore acids, bases, and salts. You will learn about PH scales and hydrogen tests. Moreover, you will learn about how ammonia is produced through Haber’s process.

Section IV: Periodicity

In this section, you will learn about the features of the periodic table, like the periodic trends and groups. You will learn about the occurrence of metals and their level of reactivity. You will learn about alkali metals, halogens, noble gases, and transition elements.

The next section of this unit will focus specifically on metals. You will go into great detail about the reactivity series, metal properties, and metal extraction. After that, you will discover more about the characteristics of iron and how it is produced in a blast furnace.

Section V: Atmosphere

This section will focus on air. You will examine the sources and effects of air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. Aside from that, you will discover the significance of the ozone layer and how chlorine-containing substances damage it. This section will then explore the carbon cycle and greenhouse gases.

Section VI: Organic Chemistry

This section is arguably the most intriguing part of the Chemistry O Level syllabus. Firstly, you will learn about fuels and crude oil, especially about the process of fractional distillation. Then, this unit will focus on alkanes, which are hydrocarbons. After a brief introduction to alcohol, you will learn about carboxylic oxides and macromolecules. You will also learn about the structure of elements like Nylon and Terylene.

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