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O Level Math Revision: Creating a Study Plan for Maximum Retention

The O Level Math syllabus is spread over four years of education in Singapore. It contains a plethora of complex concepts that are essential to ace the O Level examinations. Due to the lengthy syllabus, students find revising their O Level Math notes excruciating and often skim over vital concepts. 

As a result, they perform poorly in their examinations. To aid our students in preparing for O Level Math, we have provided all of our top tips in this article. 

Create a Realistic Study Plan to Revise O Level Math Notes

The most essential tip to study consistently and effectively is to create a realistic timetable. To do this, students should begin by figuring out the maximum number of hours they can stay without completely exhausting themselves. Then, create a routine with large blocks of study hours that should also include breaks in between to renew their energy. 

Students should be watchful of not constructing this timetable based on unrealistic approaches like studying the whole day or covering the entire syllabus within a day. The more realistic they are, the more accurate and punctual their studies will be. 

Practice, Practice and Practice 

O Level Math is a subject that requires maximum practice. Students begin retaining information through abundant past paper practice if done efficiently. Students should at least attempt one practice paper of both Paper 1 and Paper 2 daily as this will help them notice their steady improvement and help revise all of their vital concepts. 

student solving math past paper

Practising papers regularly will expose students to an assortment of questions and polish their 

critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they can help students get used to the pressure of a time limit, and save them from getting anxious during their examinations. 

Asking for the Required Assistance 

After students figure out the topics they lose most marks in, seeking proper assistance to resolve those queries and clear those particular concepts is essential. Students can enrolll at tuition centres having math experts who can assist them in solving such conceptual issues. 

Many tuition centres also facilitate their students by providing crash courses. These courses are brief, yet cover all the essential topics, and are a tremendous support in solving practice papers. Opting for immediate assistance can save students from massive confusion and ensure that they can work with all sorts of topics.

Rewarding Yourself

Students must understand the “rewarding strategy”. It is a method to trick their mind into working with determination and swiftness. Students should set specific small achievements for themselves to study with greater concentration and vigour. Rewarding themselves with 30 minutes of screen time or reading a book or a candy can make students put an increased effort to complete their work on time and stick to their schedule. 

Getting Familiar with the Formulas 

O Level Math notes are crowded with an overload of formulas that are required to solve the questions. You must constantly revise these formulas to cope with the O Level Math examinations. 

Inculcating these formulas in your daily past paper practice can also help you revise and retain them. Although a few formulas are provided during assessments, it is always better to be familiar with them to save time. 

The Best Assistance for Acing O Level Math

Peak Tuitions provides its students with the best series at a reasonable cost of $500 per month. Our professional tutors help students set goals and provide them with the essential guidance to achieve them. We aim to help our students resolve their queries and solve their past papers effortlessly. To enrol at Peak Tuitions, fill out this form.
Our tutors, Ms Shalyn Tay, Ms Kydy Yew and Jade Yu, are Math specialists who will ensure to assist you at every point of your O Level Math journey. Through our help, you can achieve your desired grades. Book a trial session to understand more about our facilities.



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