O Level Physics Tutors for Personalized Help in Singapore

Physics is one of the most challenging O Level subjects, which is why many students find it excruciatingly difficult to cope with. Due to this reason, many students have registered for O Level Physics tutors who can help them ace this subject.

Students have noticed that one-on-one tutors or tuition centers with small class sizes are more beneficial due to the individual attention they receive. In this article, we look at the best O Level Physics tutors in Singapore for personalized help.

Top O Level Physics Tutors in Singapore

We’ve mentioned some of the top O Level physics tutors below:

Peak Tuitions

Peak Tuitions is one of the leading tuition centers in Singapore due to the excellent ways they facilitate their students. Their tuition center deliberately keeps the class sizes small so that their students can get maximum attention from their tutors and none of their queries are left unheard.

Peak Tuitions provides its services at a fair price of $500 per month. They understand the importance of keeping parents updated about their child’s progress and do it regularly. Their tutors are compassionate and understanding, which helps them in building the student’s confidence. Further information about Peak Tuitions is below:

  • Their tutors have impeccable experience in dealing with all kinds of students.
  • They assign and mark homework weekly.
  • They provide many physics resources and cheat sheets to assist the students.

  • Their physics tutor, Clement Ong, is an experienced MOE-approved tutor who aids his students in overcoming the challenges they face in O Level physics.
  • Peak Tutions offers both online and physical classes.
  • They provide a trial class at a discounted rate of $29.99 only.

To experience the facilities mentioned above and to obtain your desired grades in O Level physics, enroll at Peak Tuitions by filling out this form. They even offer various discounts if students refer them to friends and family.

Number of People Discount Offered On Tuition Fee
Two10% off for both of you
Four20% off for all four of you
Six plus30% off for all of you

Physics Academy

Physics Academy helps its students achieve their desired grades in O Level physics. They assist their students in overcoming their struggles and accomplishing their goals. The professional tutors at their institution have helped numerous students achieve excellent results. Moreover, they have a comprehensive curriculum and use innovative teaching methods to help students retain information. Further details about the Physics Academy are below:

  • They conduct weekly live sessions.
  • Their tutors cater to the different learning needs of each student and provide a distraction-free learning environment.
  • Physics Academy provides a 7-day free trial lesson.
  • Their professional tutors aid their students in forming a personalized learning plan.
  • Students receive constructive criticism from their tutors to help them identify the problems and work towards honing their physics skills.

Tuition Physics

The tutors at Tuition Physics are aware of the challenges faced by students when dealing with O Level physics. As a result, they strive to build a strong foundation of physics in their students and work on developing their critical thinking skills.

They provide their students with a personalized approach to learning, which helps them in excelling at physics. Their MOE-approved tutor, Mr. Tony Chee is an expert at dealing with different students and helping them understand their full potential to reach their goals. Further information about this institution is below:

  • Mr. Tony Chee uses comprehensive customized notes along with PowerPoint presentations and animations to intrigue his students.
  • This tuition center helps its students understand how physics works to ensure their steady progress.
  • Their fee is around $400 per 4 lessons of two hours each.

O level Master

O Level Master has highly qualified tutors and a proven track record of students achieving exceptional grades. The material they provide their students is carefully curated and constantly updated so that they can have the best quality resources to study from.

They provide incredible facilities such as exam crash courses, topical revision, and headstart courses to ensure that their students achieve their desired grades. Further information regarding O Level Masters is below:

  • Ms. Selena See is the O Level Physics tutor at this tuition center. She uses various strategies to intrigue and challenge the students.
  • They help the students in sharpening their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Their tuition center has small class sizes to provide individual attention to their students.
  • To experience their facilities, O Level Master offers a trial session to interested candidates.

Making an Informed Decision

To excel at O Level physics, it is crucial to opt for a tuition center providing top-notch facilities at an affordable price. Small class sizes should also be a priority while looking for a tuition center to ensure you receive individual attention and that all your queries are resolved.

Peak Tuition is a viable option for O Level Physics as we have MOE-approved tutors who assist our students both academically and mentally. We try to uplift the confidence of students, which helps them acquire better grades during their examinations. Our small class sizes enable students to connect to their tutors and resolve each one of their queries.



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