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O Level Subjects Combination: A Comprehensive Guide

When you start your senior years, the best decision you can make is to select the best O Level subjects for yourself. Many students encounter difficulties in choosing the right O Level subjects and can not decide on the ones that fit them best.

While you need to appear for the compulsory o level subjects at any cost, the choice of other additional subjects is in your hands. You should consider many factors before finalizing your O Level subject combination. In this article, we have highlighted all the necessary things to look into. So, keep reading!

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your O Level Subjects Combination

Here are some significant factors to consider when choosing your O Level subjects.

Your Interests

There is a deep correlation between a student’s interest in any subject and the grade they will receive. Therefore, you must pursue a field you are passionate about. When you select the O level subjects you are personally interested in, you learn with more passion and attention. It automatically results in outstanding grades.

If your O level subject combination does not align with your interests, you may find it difficult to score well in it. If it is mandatory to take a certain subject in your school and you can’t seem to cope with it, we recommend enrolling in our classes by filling out this form

Our expert tutors will not only ensure you receive your desired grade in the subject but will try their utmost to help you enjoy studying the subject! Don’t believe us? Book a trial lesson to observe our learning environment. Remember, all your subjects should not be mismatched and should relate to a single field.

Your Academic Background 

You should analyze your previous results before choosing your O Level subject combination. If you’ve noticed your scores are low in a subject, it is best to avoid opting for it unless it is one of the compulsory subjects. For instance, if you struggle to score well in E Math, it’s best to avoid opting for A Math!

stack of books in front of a student who is studying

You are not bound to choose only the subjects you have a strong academic background in, but it gives you an idea of the efforts you’ll need to put in to score well. You should select an subject combination that has all your top-scoring subjects. 

Future Impact On Your Career Choice 

Your O level subjects and grades have a huge impact on your career life ahead. A Computer Science student might need Computing to learn about technology from the star. Similarly, a Commerce student should choose Economics and Accounts as an O Level subject to ensure a grip in their chosen field. 

When you go for job applications, numerous offices ask for your O level results. Therefore, if your subject combination aligns with the profession you want to work in, it just adds to the benefits. 

JC College Requirements 

Another factor is that your O level subject combination should include subjects necessary for your desired JC college’s admission. Different junior colleges have different requirements. For instance, if you wish to opt for A Level Math, most colleges require A Math as a prerequisite. 

An engineering JC college might require Physics as the science subject, and a medical college might have Chemistry or biology as the required science subject. Therefore, before you choose your subjects, you should ensure that those subjects meet the requirements of the JC college you plan to enroll in.

Compulsory O Level Subjects

There are multiple courses for students in high school. The Express Course is for O Level students. You have to take a minimum of six subjects or a maximum of nine subjects in this course.

The compulsory O level subjects that you have to choose are:

  • English Language
  • Mother Tongue Language (Chinese, Tamil, etc.)
  • E Math
  • Science
  • Humanities (Social Studies is compulsory with one more humanities subject: Geography, History, or Literature)

Additional O Level Subjects 

You can take three more subjects with these compulsory subjects to make your O Level subject combination.

If you are a medicine major, we recommend taking triple sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). Some medical students also choose two science subjects. Ultimately, it depends on the JC College and University you are aiming for. Therefore, make sure to check out any prerequisites listed on their websites. 

For Computer students, the best combination includes A Math, Computing, and Physics as additional O Level subjects. If you are a commerce student, you can select Economics or Accounts. 

Consult Tutors At Peak Tuition! 

If you still can not decide which subjects you should opt for, you can also consult our experienced tutors to learn more! Once you are at peace with your subject combination, book a trial lesson to experience our quality services!



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