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One-On-One vs Group Math Tutoring: Which is Better for Your Child

When you want to sign up for math tuition for your child, the first decision is to choose either group math tutoring or one-on-one tutoring. Numerous factors lead to deciding the best one for your ward. 

You should look into each of its cost, effectiveness, and cons before getting your child into it. In this article, we have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of both one-on-one and group math tutoring to help you make a well-informed decision! 

Difference Between One-On-One and Group Math Tutoring 

Math tuition is essential for students who struggle academically in math and need extra learning. There are two types of tutoring: 

  1. One-on-one Math tutoring 
  2. Group Math tutoring 

In one-on-one math tutoring, every student is assigned a personal tutor who teaches each student individually in the allocated time. Teachers usually conduct one-on-one tutoring online. 

On the other hand, in group math tutoring, students learn in a group with other pupils. A teacher teaches one class at a time, and each class accommodates a different number of students. The size ranges from 4 to 10 students. 

tutor teaching student online

Peak Tuition offers group math tutoring with a max class size of 7-8 pupils. You can sign up for our money-back guaranteed trial session and fill out the enrollment form to start your classes as soon as possible! 

Group Math Tutoring 

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of group math tutoring:


  • Improves Communication Skills: Group math tutoring encourages students to speak up in class and communicate with fellow mates when solving math problems. This improves the communication and critical thinking skills of the students. 
  • Learning With Different Minds: Every student has a different way of thinking and applying math reasoning to questions. Learning in a group helps students know more about the different minds. Peers can also help each other out!
  • Cost Effective: This math tutoring is comparatively cheaper and more effective. 


  • Distributed Teacher’s Attention: Although the tutors try their best, they can not give maximum attention to every student in a class. That’s why students who already find it hard to focus in a group lose more interest in group tuition.   
  • Greater Class Size Causing Distractions: If the class size exceeds the maximum limit, it may cause disturbance and distractions. Many students have a low attention span, and a greater class size only triggers it. 
  • Difficulty In Asking Questions: Some children are introverts and feel shy in asking questions in a class. They do not ask queries even when in doubt and misunderstand the topic. 

One-On-One Math Tutoring 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of one-on-one math tutoring: 


  • Personalized Attention: As the teachers only focus on one child, they provide more personalized attention to the student. This way, the student can focus and learn better. It also creates a connection between the teacher and the student. 
  • Preferred Teaching Style And Pace: In one-on-one tutoring, the tutors will only teach according to the speed and style that the child can grasp. 
  • Quickly Picks Up Weak Areas: Since the teacher only spends time with one child, they can easily assess the student’s weak areas.


  • Does Not Build Up Confidence: When children learn alone, they do not get to interact with other students. Due to this, many students lack the confidence needed to speak up among a group of people.  
  • No Brainstorming: They also do not get exposure to the thoughts and ideas of other pupils. Students taking one-on-one tutoring are not as creative as students taking group tuition and find it hard to understand the application of different math concepts in the real world. 
  • Costly: One-on-one math tuition is expensive because you are signing up for a teacher’s time personally for your ward. 

Which Is Better For Your Child? 

After going through all the features of the two types of tutoring, you can easily decide the best one for your child. If your child has a shy and introverted personality, you should choose one-on-one tutoring for your child. Otherwise, group math tutoring is an effective option. 



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