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Our Top Choices for Best Chemistry Tuition Center

You can only score well in Chemistry with the assistance of the best chemistry tuition center. Especially if you want to pursue a career in biochemistry or engineering science, chemistry is an essential and crucial subject. 

However, with the expansion of the educational industry in Singapore, there are many chemistry tuitions to choose from. This article is the ultimate guide to the top chemistry tuition centers in Singapore, and by the end, you will find the ideal one for yourself!

chemistry formulas written on board

Peak Tuition

Whether you are an O Level or Junior college student, studying at Peak Tuition will solve all your problems regarding the most complex subjects! It offers Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics, and Chinese classes. Let’s look deeper into some of the facilities it offers:

  • All the chemistry tutors are MOE-approved and trained.
  • These two teachers at Peak Tuition excel in Chemistry and are fully committed to helping their students excel.

Kydy YewSecondary-level Chemistry and Math
Clement OngJC-level Chemistry and Physics
  • You can get free consultations through WhatsApp.
  • They will help you reach your peak in Chemistry and get into your desired university.
  • You can download free resources for Sec and JC-level Chemistry.
  • Tutors also teach you effective tips for time management.
  • Revision videos of multiple Chemistry topics are available on YouTube.
  • You can join the Telegram group and interact with other students.
  • A-level Chemistry past papers with solutions are available.
  • The Social Butterfly Program pays you if you refer a friend or sibling to Peak Tuition!
  • You can book a trial class. If you are not satisfied, the management will return your money.
  • The charges are very reasonable, only $500 per month.

It is also a great option for private candidates, and the teachers will give you a detailed guide for your higher studies. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now by filling out this form!

My Chem Cafe

My Chem Cafe is an A Level chemistry tuition. It offers classes for both JC1 and JC2 and O Levels. Mr. Jacky Wong is the principal tutor who is MOE-approved and has 15 years of teaching experience. These are some other things the tuition center offers:

  • A paid trial lesson to ensure your satisfaction.
  • They encourage group classes as it is more fun to learn with other students.
  • They provide productive workshops before the final exams.
  • Mr. Wong teaches practical applications of chemistry rather than sticking to boring facts.
  • You can also consult the tutor outside of class hours.
  • There are also practicals to prepare for the experimental exam.

The tuition fee is $360 per four lessons, and you must pay an additional $40 at the beginning of the session.

Julian Chemistry

Julian Chemistry is a convenient choice if you struggle with A-level or H2 chemistry.

  • Miss Raene Lim is the principal Chemistry tutor.
  • She is a lecturer in a junior college and the chemistry department’s head.
  • There are many other dedicated tutors as well.
  • Teachers conduct frequent assessments to test student’s progress. 
  • Pre-recorded lectures are available to study whenever and wherever you want. 
  • The maximum size of a class is 20 students. 
  • One-on-one consultation services are provided.
  • Tutors also give question packs and detailed notes to practice. 
  • Class timings are flexible for every student. 

College yearsEarly AdmissionLate Admission
JC H1$95$110
JC H2$115$125

You can contact them directly to learn about the charges for O Level classes. 

Chemistry Guru

Chemistry Guru is the best IP, O levels, and A Level chemistry tuition center. Some of its best facilities are:

  • It is a MOE-registered educational center.
  • The tutor, Maverick Puah, has ten years of experience in the field.
  • He has many free Chemistry lessons on YouTube.
  • The best part is that Chemistry Guru provides the option of live webinars.
  • You can also choose to opt for online classes.
  • Both webinars and digital lessons will save your traveling costs.
  • The timings are flexible for each student.
  • You can also request a free live webinar trial.
  • Concise notes and practice questions are provided to keep the students prepared.
  • You can enquire about any topic on WhatsApp. 

Here’s a look at their fee structure:

Types of classesMonthly charges
Live webinars$280
On-demand online$240

Habitat Learning Center

Habitat Learning Center offers classes for Upper Sec and JC-level Chemistry. Here’s why we consider it a top Chemistry tuition: 

  • It conducts a free aptitude test called the “T.H.A.T” challenge. 
  • The assessment gives you an idea of your weak areas. 
  • All the tutors are friendly, educated, and compatible with the students. 
  • Class sizes are relatively smaller. 
  • The Chemistry curriculum is taught slowly to ensure every student understands. 
  • Teachers provide practice exams and assignments. 
  • There are also practical lab studies to enhance you for your practical exam. 
  • They also offer detailed A Level chemistry notes.

Here’s a glance at its Chemistry faculty: 

Mr. Leon ChooEight yearsGeologist, well-qualified in Chemistry
CaseyTen yearsChemistry Engineering
RachelSeven yearsIndustrial and chemical engineering

Making Sense

Looking for crash courses for your Junior college years? If yes, then Making Sense is the one for you. There are more reasons to choose it:

  • Mr. William Lin is the founder of Making Sense.
  • He has a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry and eighteen years of teaching experience.
  • Another Chemistry tutor, Mr. Leong Chun Kiat, is a Ph.D. candidate.
  • You can opt for a structured class with other students or one-on-one personalized lessons.
  • Tutors explain the links between different Chemistry concepts.
  • Teachers give consistent reviews of student’s performance.
  • Their students have produced outstanding results.
  • You will excel in exam skills and answering techniques.

LevelsFees per lesson
Sec 1 to Sec 4$98
A level$115

You can contact them directly through their website for more details about the fee breakdown.

Mr. Khemistry

Mr. Khemistry is an O & A-level chemistry tuition. Here’s why it is rising as one of the top tuition centers in Singapore:

  • There are four qualified Chemistry tutors.
  • Mr. Kua is the head teacher with seventeen years of teaching experience.
  • He also has a book published about the Chemistry guide.
  • 47% of their JC students scored an A grade.
  • All the abstract concepts are taught in detail.
  • Many Chemistry programs for different levels are available.
  • Teachers give full attention to their students.
  • Extra practice is encouraged to ensure students excel in this core subject.

These are the pricing plans it offers:

PlansMonthly chargesNotesRecorded lessons
Sec chemistry$320YesNo
JC h2 chem$420YesYes
IP chem$360YesNo
Exclusive online package$99YesNo

Bright Culture

Bright Culture is another top O Level and A Level Chemistry tuition center. 93.5% of their pupils have shown grade improvement! Let’s look into some of the facilities: 

person holding  flasks

  • NEA-approved chemistry lab to practice practicals. 
  • Teachers at Bright Culture value students and boost their confidence. 
  • There are ten-plus experienced and well-qualified chemistry tutors. 
  • Cheat sheets and concise notes are provided. 
  • You can use the online portal to access the recorded lectures. 
  • They offer a free trial lesson to ensure your trust.

Here is a look at its fee structure:

StandardsFees per 4 lessons
Lower Sec Science$298
Sec 3 Chemistry$338
Sec 4 Chemistry$348
JC years$368

Seb Academy

Seb Academy is a leading chemistry tuition. It specializes in lower secondary chemistry and JC level. There are multiple reasons to consider it as a top choice:

  • All Chemistry tutors ensure consistent learning by giving weekly home assignments. 
  • They also mark the homework for improvements. 
  • Teachers teach concepts according to the national curriculum. 
  • Effective notes and practice questions are provided. 
  • Teaching real-world applications makes lessons engaging and fun.
  • You can log in to the student portal to start practicing anywhere. 
  • A guide to h2 chemistry is available called the “Chemistry Bible.”

You can contact them for class charges and register from the website if you wish to enroll. 

Achiever’s dream

As the name suggests, Acheiver’s Dream (AD) helps you reach your dream grade in Chemistry. Here is how the faculty does that:

  • The tutors only teach the MOE-approved syllabus.
  • They provide classes for O Level, A Level, H1, and H2 chemistry.
  • The curriculum is taught in chronological order.
  • There are many free Chemistry resources.
  • Their NEA-approved Chemistry lab is ideal for performing experiments.
  • Many specialized programs are offered for all students.
  • Highly qualified tutors are available round the clock.
  • Tutors prepare videos for every concept so students can clarify their misunderstandings.
  • A chemistry booster is provided to prepare for your final exams.

You can learn about their various pricing plans from their website. There are also charges for lab lessons.

Become an Expert With the Best Chemistry Tutor!

Find the best chemistry tuition center that is near, affordable, and encourages interactive learning. According to us, Peak Tuition is a reliable choice to prepare for your Chemistry exams. Make a better decision by experiencing a free trial class and comparing a few other options!




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