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Power Maths Tuition Review – Can trust?

Tuition has become an integral part of the education system in Singapore. One example of a tuition centre in Singapore is Power Maths, an online tuition company.

Power Maths The Company

Power Maths is a tuition company that serves H2 math tuition to a level kids. It seems like its the only subject that they actually teach and are doing it in an online manner only.

Power maths doesn’t seem to have any physical location as advertised on their website.

Power Maths Owner

The company is owned by Leon…just Leon as his surname is not disclosed on the website.

Leon offers individual and group tuition for a level and further math students for H2.

He has taught over hundreds of other students and his specialty is being able to explain complex concepts in simple ways.

Education Subjects Being Taught

It looks like because power maths… the entire name and company is centred around math, that they are able to only teach 1 thing.

As leon seems to be the ONLY teacher in their company, powermaths seems to be just a 1 man operation actually.

It also means that as leon gets more busy, his attention would be divided and won’t be able to help many other students if there are more and more customers.

However, there is a guarantee that Leon is the most popular further math tutor in Singapore, as many students from RI and Hwa Chong pick him.


As mentioned previously, a 1 man operation is difficult because Leon is the only one teaching his students.

He also claims that there are many other students who got into cambridge or oxford after learning from him.


Power maths is a completely online business as of now, his lessons are taught over ZOOM exclusively, which means that it may be hard to get help if people don’t come down.

Sometimes the personal touch is needed to improve.

If you would like to sign up for a trial lesson for the peak tuition, click here!



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