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Proven Strategies for Learning Chinese

Let’s be real, Chinese is a very difficult language to learn. From the foreign-looking characters and tricky pronunciations to the language’s unique grammar rules, it is challenging to master.  Therefore, you are not alone if you feel stuck and frustrated in your desperate attempt to learn the language. We recommend utilizing effective Chinese Learning Strategies to improve your Chinese. 

To master the language, you need to familiarise yourself with the language’s complicated alphabet and unusual pronunciation. Fortunately, this is possible through hard work and a focused approach. In this article, we will cover Effective Chinese Learning strategies to help you score your desired grade!

Effective Chinese Learning Strategies You Should Use

The following tips have been listed to make sure that all your efforts in learning Chinese are eventually successful. 

1- Practice Writing and Enunciating the Alphabet 

When learning something new, you need to start from the very bottom and build your way to the top. The same applies to a language. Since the unique alphabet is new to you, it requires plenty of practice to become comfortable with it. We recommend grabbing a piece of paper and practicing writing the alphabet over and over again until you feel confident in your ability to recognize and write it without glancing at your notes. 

Person writing Chinese letters in notebooks

2- Learn the Sentence Structure and Language Pattern in Bits

Chinese Grammar is very different from English. It follows a different pattern, and learning the grammatical syntax of Chinese is the key to mastering the language. To fully understand Chinese grammar, you need to implement its rules practically. 

When you are reading, identify the grammatical principles and make note of any patterns you can find. By doing this consistently, you will notice your sense of grammar naturally building up.

3- Read Books in Chinese

Reading is a great way to become fluent and increase your vocabulary bank. Get your hands on some Chinese books and read as much as you possibly can. Try to go for books meant for middle schoolers, as they are easier to understand while withholding an element of challenge for beginners.

4- Talk to Yourself and Others in Chinese Daily

Undoubtedly, one of the most effective strategies for learning Chinese is speaking out loud to yourself and others. You must fight any feelings of shyness, as they can hinder your progress. You can speak with a native if you have that privilege, or even practice speaking to yourself as this builds fluency and improves a sense of sentence structure. If all fails, it may be a good option to hire a tutor. Fortunately , we recently launched our Chinese classes! Sign up for a trial class or fill this form to enroll in our classes today!

5- Watch Chinese Videos With English Subtitles

Alongside reading, we recommend watching videos, movies, and other media in Chinese for extra help. If you are exhausted from the intense language practice, you can opt for this more relaxing option.

Just take special note of the pronunciation, accents, and any new vocabulary. You can also pick up short new phrases. Chinese media gives you an idea of how the natives speak. Therefore make sure to assess your level and seek out the weaker areas you need to work on.

Improve Your Chinese Through Effective Chinese Learning Strategies

At first glance, learning Chinese may seem like a near-impossible task. Therefore, you must utilize these effective strategies for learning Chinese. Practice writing the alphabet, and perfect your pronunciation by speaking in Chinese. 

If you have a Chinese friend, you can have a conversation with them and ask for feedback. You can improve your vocabulary by making a habit of reading and watching Chinese Media. 

Even with these strategies in place, you can easily get stuck as Chinese is a tricky language that requires guidance to navigate through. Hiring a tutor is a great solution to keep things smooth and avoid unnecessary stress! 



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