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SmartLab Education Centre – Can I Trust them ?


SmartLab Education Centre founded in 2010 by Mr. John Tan and Ms. Sarah Lim, is an innovative learning institution. Their teachers, from diverse backgrounds, specialize in subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

SmartLab Education Centre Teaching Methodology

With an interactive teaching approach, They engages students actively. Through inquiry-based learning, collaborative projects, and practical experiments, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are nurtured. Their teachers utilize cutting-edge technology and resources, creating an immersive learning environment. They foster student-led discussions, hands-on activities, and facilitate understanding and retention of concepts.

Subjects They Teach

Besides math, the centre offers subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, coding, robotics, and engineering. This comprehensive approach allows students to explore diverse interests and develop a well-rounded understanding of STEM disciplines.

The centre promotes a growth mindset and instills confidence, enabling students to overcome challenges. Regular assessments and feedback by teachers support individual progress and identify areas for improvement.

SmartLab Education Centre

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