Strategies to Handle Challenging Topics in H2 Math

H2 Math in A Levels is a big jump from O Level Math. It’s much more complex and detailed. So, it is natural to feel overwhelmed when going through this transition. H2 Math covers topics that are far more challenging than secondary school. 

Students may feel unable to conquer these topics despite repeated efforts. Fortunately, trying out a different approach when you are handling such topics can help you succeed in H2 Math. 

Figure Out Your Weak Topics

H2 Math covers a diverse range of topics. These topics range from very difficult to relatively easy on the difficulty scale. You can do this by reviewing your past test papers, assignments, and examinations. You can also ask your H2 Math teacher for input. Ask them for feedback and what areas you need to work on. 

Once you identify topics you struggle with, invest lots of time in mastering them. Work on these topics until you feel confident in your ability to answer the questions related to them. 

When you encounter a challenging topic, your first course of action should be dedicating time and energy to understanding it. Hopefully, you will make peace with the topic and move on. However, some topics are so complex that you can’t handle them alone.

 In such cases, consider hiring a tutor for yourself. At Peak Tuition, we have experienced tutors trained to assist you in every way. Fill out this form to join our classes. If you can’t make up your mind about taking up our classes, no worries. Simply check out a trial class to see if it works for you.

Build Concept Before Memorizing the Formula

In H2 Math, you need to understand the background concept of a formula before memorizing it. The core of H2 Math lies in the ability to apply formulas in the appropriate places. Since questions of H2 Math are tricky and the formulas you need to use aren’t explicitly indicated. You must develop a sense of when to use a formula. 

Whenever you come across a new formula, understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind it to strengthen your grasp of the concept. Concepts will help you memorize and recall the formulas effortlessly. 

Make Use of Different Learning Tools

H2 Math is a tricky subject. With such challenging topics, students find that different approaches to the concept help them to absorb it. Every person is unique and there is no one size fits all. Some may prefer notes, while others may learn best from a visual animation. With the internet at its peak, there’s a wide variety of material floating around. 

From video lectures to interactive apps, quizzes, and flashcards, such tools can really push start your learning process. Surf the web, and search around to collect resources that work best for you. Take into account your learning style when picking out resources. This package can greatly help you build a strong foundation. 

Stay Consistent and Persistent

H2 Math, as already established, is no piece of cake. It is an expert-level subject that requires a lot of time and effort. Being so high on the difficulty scale, it is expected that you might fail in your attempts in the beginning. However, the key is to stay consistent and persistent. Do not give up despite your failures, and stay determined. Success will come through devotion!

Break the Topic into Pieces

The best way to deal with a challenging topic is to break it down into smaller pieces. Things seem much more manageable when tackled in smaller pieces.  Work your way through piece by piece. 

Take as much time as you need to fully absorb each small concept. Do not be impatient, and make sure that you have fully built on the previous parts before moving on. Breaking things down into pieces often makes them seem less intimidating. This increases your motivation and helps you conquer them eventually. 

Utilize H2 Math Tutoring

H2 Math is a subject that requires strategies and careful navigation. With the help of the mentioned strategies, you can make this task easier for yourself. However, some students complain that they still feel lost despite employing most of the methods. 

In such cases, it is best to take up tuition. If you are considering tuition, Peak Tuition is a great option. With our highly professional teachers and years of experience, we have everything you need. 



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