The Best Science Tuition Centres in Singapore

Science has always been the most intriguing but complex subject in Primary and Secondary school. Many of the best science tuition centres in Singapore provide lessons for combined science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) to help students score well in their exams.

This article gives you an insight into top science tuition centres in Singapore. By the end of the article, you will be able to choose the best one to enroll in!

Peak Tuition

The leading science tuition centre in Singapore is Peak Tuition, which offers classes for lower and upper secondary and JC students. It is gaining popularity among students due to the amazing amenities it has for its students. Here’s a look at a few of them:

  • You can directly communicate with the admin through WhatsApp.
  • They provide videos to help students learn exam techniques.
  • Free Chemistry and Physics notes and past papers are provided for comprehensive learning.
  • Their students have achieved remarkable results.
  • They also offer lessons in Maths, Economics, and Chinese.
  • Students can join the telegram group to interact with each other and build a friendly environment. 
  • Tutors provide snacks to students to keep them fresh. 
  • There are detailed notes, lesson plans, and cheat sheets to clear each concept.
  • Teachers give feedback after mocks to boost students for exams.
  • Students can log in to a learning portal to access multiple resources.

Here is a glance at its specifications:

Monthly Fee$500
TutorsKydey Yew and Clement Ong are expert Science tutors.
Trial lesson100% money-back guaranteed trial lesson.
DiscountsYou can look up their group discounts here.

Fill out the enrollment form quickly to discover a wonderful learning experience!

blue laser science book.


Thinkscience follows extensive strategies to improve the student’s science grade. Here are some of them:

  • Teachers show their consistent dedication to the students.

Here’s a look at their Science faculty:

Ms. JoyThe director of Thinkscience and major teacher.Fourteen years.
CindyShe is in charge of the curriculum management.She worked in many NIE-approved institutions.
  • They design their materials according to the national syllabus.
  • All notes are effective in preparing for the final exams.
  • The classes focus on learning real-life applications of Science.
  • There are also experiments for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology practical exams.
  • Each class hosts 4 to 5 students only.
  • They host an event Smart Kids Asia 2016 related to Science workshops.

Keynote Learning

Tutors at Keynote Learning will assist you in overcoming the hurdles you are facing with your science subjects. Here is why we consider it a convenient option:

  • Mr. Linus Lin, the head of the Science department, has sixteen years of experience in this field. 
  • Mr. Farid is another science tutor who teaches science concepts in detail. 
  • They also ensure that students learn how to apply each concept to exam-style questions. 
  • Keynote Learning also offers classes for other subjects like Maths, English, and Chinese. 
  • It is a very affordable tuition and you can learn more about the fee structure by contacting them directly. 
  • There are numerous exceptional resources for the students.
  • You can also book a free trial lesson!

AO Studies

AO Studies has been providing tuition for Maths and Science since 2012. It is one of the best science tuition centres because:

  • The teachers help solve exam-related problems. 
  • There are O Level Chemistry and O Level Physics classes for topical revisions.
  • Students are given notes for every topic. 
  • Tutors highlight the key concepts that are essential for the exams.
  • Numerous class activities are conducted to ensure interactive learning. 
  • Teachers take tests to analyze every student’s progress. 
  • There is a lounge where students can study and wait for their classes. 
  • Students get free snacks to keep them energized.

There are no registration fees, unlike other tuition centres. Contact them through their website, if you want to enquire more about the fee structure.

Science Studios

Science Studios is a world of science where every student can learn the detailed concepts of this core subject. It is considered a top tuition centre in Singapore because:

  • All the teachers are friendly and engaging. 
  • Each class follows the MOE science curriculum. 
  • Students learn the major science keywords that are assessed in the exams. 
  • Teachers also perform experiments in a separate area to make learning fun. 
  • There are projectors and other technical devices to help students learn productively. 
  • Quizzes are taken at the end of lessons to check whether the students understand the concepts. 
  • You can log into the portal to access their online recorded lectures.

Names of The TeacherSpecialization
Mr. ChongHe is the founder of Science Studios.
Ms. CallaShe has a Master’s Degree in Architecture and is an expert Science teacher. 
Mr. Derrick He has a Bachelor of Science. 
Ms. MandaShe also graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science. 

The Science Academy

The Science Academy is a MOE-approved tuition centre that offers Science and Maths lessons for Primary, Secondary, and College students. It has the following facilities for the students:

  • The teachers guide the students throughout the learning process.
  • You can choose from online or on-site lessons. 
  • The tutors are extremely experienced and well-qualified. 
  • Their curriculum is easier to grasp. 
  • The best part is their E-Learning Library. You can sign into it and get access to efficient learning materials!
  • The Science Academy for all core Science subjects; Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 
  • Above 70 percent of students have produced outstanding results. 
  • There are flexible timings for every class.

Contact them on WhatsApp for further details.

student looking into microscope.

Science Masterclass

You do not have to worry if you are scoring below-average marks in your Science exams. Science Masterclass is there to help you improve your problem-solving skills with its helpful facilities:

  • They offer revision classes for primary and secondary Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. 
  • Teachers conduct experiments to provide a clearer understanding of concepts. 
  • They conduct regular assessments to test student’s performance. 
  • All the tutors are experienced in teaching Science and give valuable feedback to every student. 
  • Many extensive notes and exam tips are also provided.

You can either email them or contact them through WhatsApp if you would like to enroll in their classes.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab entertains classes for Primary and Secondary Science. It is a top choice because:

  • If you are a parent, you can communicate with your child’s tutor to learn about his progress.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the class and ask questions.
  • You can also learn online from the comfort of your home.
  • Parents can log in to the parent portal to learn about their child’s progress.
  • The Learning Lab offers multiple programs for different levels with varying fees.

Here is a look into the fee structure for the Science program:

LevelFee per lesson
P1 to P4$118.80-$126.90
P5 to P6$125.82-$133.38
S1 to S4$137.16-$145.80

Excel in Your Science Exams With The Best Science Tutor

Each of these science tuition centres has a renowned Science faculty who assists students in every possible way to achieve their desired results. Our top choice is Peak Tuition because of the multiple learning resources and facilities it offers for its students. You can give it a try by booking a trial lesson now! 



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