The Math Classroom – Are they good ?


Established by Mr. John Tan in 2012, The Math Classroom is a renowned math tuition center in Singapore.

The Math Classroom Teachers

The team of teachers, with diverse educational backgrounds, are highly experienced in math education.

Subjects They Teach

They teach subjects like English and Science, in addition to math.

The Math Classroom Teaching Methodology

Using a student-centered approach, they employ interactive teaching methods to enhance learning engagement. Moreover, the center offers personalized guidance and regular progress assessments to students.

With a strong focus on conceptual understanding, students actively participate in problem-solving activities.Furthermore, the teachers provide individualized feedback to address students’ specific learning needs.Incorporating real-life examples, they make math lessons practical and relatable.

Founded by Mr. John Tan in 2012, has quickly become a renowned math tuition center in Singapore. With experienced teachers from diverse educational backgrounds, the center not only teaches math but also offers subjects like English and Science. Using a student-centered approach and interactive teaching methods, The Math Classroom ensures active student participation and conceptual understanding. Students benefit from personalized guidance, regular assessments, and individualised feedback. With practical and relatable lessons, the center creates a conducive learning environment.

The Math Classroom

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