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The Top Private Math Tutors for O Level Students in Singapore

Many students find O Level Math hard to cope with due to its intricate nature and the insufficient personal attention they receive at school. As a result, students opt for private Math tutors.

Most tuition centers have huge classes that often do not assist in improving their grades. Therefore, personalized O Level Math tutoring has become popular amongst many students. We’ve created this article to aid students in looking for the best private Math tutors.

Our Top Private Math Tutors

Let’s look at some of the top-notch private Math tutors in Singapore:

Peak Tuition

At Peak Tuitions, we strive to provide our students with outstanding facilities. As a leading education center in Singapore, we consider all the factors a student looks for while searching for the perfect tuition center.

We have expert tutors who use their experience to teach students in the most innovative ways possible. Moreover, we keep our class sizes small to offer personalized tuition opportunities to our students. Through this, we ensure that each query is considered and resolved.

Our tutors make sure to connect with their students and understand their shortcomings. They provide them with the knowledge of foolproof tips and tricks that are crucial to ace O Level Math. You can enroll at Peak Tuitions by filling out this form. Further information about our facilities is below:

  • Our expert tutor, Ms Shalyn Tay, has extensive experience and a deep understanding of Math. She is skilled at breaking down challenging topics and making them understandable for her students.
  • Ms. Kydy Yew is also a Math expert at Peak Tuitions. She is passionate about teaching and professionally guides her students through Math problems.
  • Peak Tuitions uses digital whiteboards to help students engage in learning.
  • We monitor the student’s progress throughout and keep their parents updated.
  • We mark and set homework every week.
  • To help new students understand our facilities before they register, we are currently providing a trial class at a discounted price of $29.99.

Peak Tuition provides quality education at a fair price of $500 a month. We aid our students in achieving their desired grades through our high-quality services and expert guidance.

Sophia Education

This tuition center specializes in providing personalized tuition services that are effective and enable students to achieve their desired grades. Sophia Education Centre has helped over 3,000 students excel in their subjects.

Their personalized tuition set-up helps create a focused and productive learning atmosphere where tutors can address all the queries of their students.

  • They believe in technology-enabled learning and use digital whiteboards and resources to assist their students.
  • They provide an online alternative to their on-site classes.
  • Their expert tutors create a supportive and nurturing environment to instill better learning habits among students.
  • Sophia Education Centre surveys its students every two months to ensure that only the best tutors stay within the school.
  • They also provide one free lesson to those students who refer them to their friends and family.

Family Tutor

Family Tutor is a home tutor agency that provides students with the highest level of satisfaction. They guarantee that every student is in good hands and have a policy of zero agency fees. These tutors work on your Math foundation so that you retain information better and quickly pick up new concepts.

Their expert tutors provide students with the required guidance and help them reach their goals. Moreover, they link real-life problems with Math to help students relate efficiently. More information regarding Family Tutor is mentioned below:

  • They give their students access to more than 15000 O Level past papers and resources to ensure maximum practice.
  • Their tutors provide students with the most simple and concise explanations.
  • They guarantee an improvement in your Math grades.

Studious Minds

Studious Minds understands that O Level Math is a challenging subject, and it often demotivates students when they don’t receive their desired grades. To counter this, students should enroll at an O Level Math tuition.

Their highly qualified and experienced tutor, Ms. Jes Peh, has taught Math at various levels for over ten years. She can teach students in a clear and compelling style. Numerous students have excelled at O Level Math under her guidance. Let’s look at more details about Studious Minds:

  • Their tutor uses the most appropriate strategies so that her students can absorb her lessons easily.
  • They focus on every student’s learning needs and design a customized teaching style for them.
  • Their fee is $300 per four lessons and is collected every month.
  • They provide the opportunity to take classes online or on campus. 
  • Studious Minds also provides a free trial lesson.

Comparison at a Glance

PEAK TUITIONYes (Ms. Shalyn Tay and Ms. Kydy Yew)YesYesYes
SOPHIA EDUCATION Yes (not specified)NoYesYes
FAMILY TUTORYes (not specified)NoYesYes

Choosing the Best Option

While looking for the best O Level Math personalized tuition, the most crucial aspect to evaluate is the class size.

To get the maximum attention from tutors, the class size of any tuition center should be small. A tuition center that ticks most of the requirements should be your first choice. Make sure you evaluate their testimonials and make an informed decision after it.

Peak Tuitions provides the best facilities for a fair price and has the most experienced tutors who can guide you through every problem. Our tutors also help their students outside the academic circle and ensure they excel. Therefore, it is a top-notch option to consider.



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