Tips for Effective Time Management During H2 Math Exams

H2 Math exams are a nightmare for every student. What makes it more scary is the limited time duration for the H2 Math exams. Due to the strict time limit, numerous students fail to complete their papers on time and leave a few questions incomplete. 

This article is the right solution for you if you are also struggling with time management for your H2 Math exams. We have listed the top tips for productive time management during H2 math exams below! 

Timed Practice of H2 Math Past Papers  

The best way to learn time management is to practice past papers at home with a timer. Whenever you solve a yearly H2 math paper one or paper two, you should set an alarm for the specific time limit of your paper. 

In H2 Math exams, both papers are of three hours. When you solve your exam with a timer, you will get an idea of your problem-solving speed. If you feel like you are taking more time than expected to solve one whole paper, you should work on the time-consuming topics more. 

This timed practice of H2 math exams minimizes the time pressure during H2 math exams. At Peak Tuition, we provide practice worksheets, cheat sheets, and a formulae list to prepare for H2 Maths. You can experience a 100% money-back guaranteed trial lesson for our secondary classes at Peak Tuition. Once you’re satisfied, fill out the enrollment form to become a part of our student community! 

derivation of quadratic formula

Read Every Question Clearly

When you sit for your final H2 Math exam, there are some steps that you need to follow for effective time management. The first strategy is to read every question carefully. You should not miss out on any keywords and understand clearly what the question wants you to do. 

You can also underline the data and the significant words to understand the question more accurately. Once you grasp the question, solving it becomes easier and quicker. 

Leave The Difficult Ones for The End

Another tip is to leave the tricky questions for the end. You should spend at most the required time on a single question. If you cannot find a solution to any question, move on to the next one. It is a waste of time to be stuck on the same question for a long time. 

Sometimes, when you spend all your brain and time on one question, you are unable to complete the other questions and lose marks. That’s why, it is best to skip the difficult questions and focus on them once you are done with all other parts. 

Master The Key Topics to Quickly Solve Them

All these tips will be beneficial only if you have mastered all the key concepts of H2 Math exams. Once you practice at least five years of H2 math, you become aware of the more marks-gaining and time-consuming topics of the H2 math curriculum. Working on these major topics and becoming an expert in them is essential.

This way, when you sit for your final H2 math exams, you can quickly apply the correct concepts and formulae to all the questions without thinking a lot. 

Avoid Looking Around 

The most common mistake students make is that they look here and there during their exams. It is because when you look at your surroundings and notice other students working quicker than you or when you look at the clock’s time running out, you begin to panic. As you panic, you are unable to solve questions faster and run out of time! 

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