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Tips for Learning O Level Chinese Language in Singapore

Are you looking for efficient tips for learning Chinese? If yes, then you are at the right place! To ace any subject, every student should follow the proper learning steps. O Level Chinese is no different and requires rigorous practice and planning.

 However, many pupils encounter difficulties in acing the subject, as they do not know the best ways of mastering a language. In this article, we have listed some of the best tips for learning Chinese to make learning fun and easy for you. 

A Glance at The Paper Pattern 

Before we look into the tips for learning Chinese, it is essential to know about its paper pattern. Here is a brief overview of the paper pattern: 

PapersMain ObjectivesWhat to learn?
Paper 1 WritingGood vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
Paper 2 Reading comprehensionInterpreting Chinese texts.
Paper 3 Oral and Listening ComprehensionSpeaking. listening, and understanding fluent Chinese,.

Our Top Tips for Learning Chinese 

You can follow these tips for learning Chinese effectively!

Learn New Chinese Words Daily 

Since the writing paper focuses on your grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation, try to learn new Chinese words daily. Make a list of words and tick them off as you memorize them. The best way to enhance your vocabulary in Chinese is to learn the synonyms of every word. For example, for the word ‘happy’ there are various words you can use in Chinese like xìngfú (joy). 

 student studying in classroom

Learn at least two good words for every term. However, you can not master Chinese vocabulary by just learning the words. It is vital to use them in your writing as well. The more you practice using multiple words, the more you will improve your writing skills and score well on your writing paper. 

Communicate With Your Friends in Chinese 

You can not get your desired grade in the oral exam until you learn the magic of speaking Chinese fluently. There are many ways to practice your fluency in this language:

  • Read as many books as possible.
  • You can read fun story books if you are not interested in boring books. 
  • Talk to your friends in Chinese.
  • Learn to pronounce each word through youtube.
  • You can also watch Chinese movies to grasp how the native Chinese say each word.

In this way, you can master the Mandarin dialect and get above-average marks in the oral and listening exam.

Make Notes

Another way is to make detailed notes of each topic you learn. Write bullet points that you can go through before your final exam. It will be helpful for last-minute preparation as well. Writing in your words is easier to understand, so fill your notebooks with thorough and neat notes.

Follow a Timetable 

Following a timetable not only makes you punctual but also encourages learning every day. Know what you have to do each day before you begin can help you achieve more. The more productive method is to assign tasks to yourself and complete them each day.  Make a study timetable for your Chinese practice and follow it efficiently! 

Attend O Level Chinese Tuition 

Tuitions are very helpful in preparing for your final exams. Luckily, we recently started Chinese classes for O Level students at Peak Tuitions. Our MOE-approved teachers will assist you in mastering Chinese and getting better at it. There will also be assignments so that you keep practicing consistently. 

If you wish to join us, book a trial lesson now or directly fill out the enrollment form!

Practice Past Papers 

The final tip for learning Chinese is to practice topic questions and yearly past papers. It will give you more ideas about various questions tested in the Chinese exams, and you will be more ready to ace it. It is best to practice at least the previous five years’ papers, but if you have time, we recommend doing ten. 

Ace Your Exams Using The Best Tips For Learning Chinese 

These are our advice for all the students out there. Follow the tips to get the best marks in all four O Level Chinese exams! Make a timetable, practice daily, converse in Chinese, and attend tuitions to enhance your skills in this subject.



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