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Tips for Solving Complex Equations in A Level Math

There are numerous complex equations in A Level Math exams and solving them is a scary challenge for most students. Even if you have a conceptual understanding of the equations, solving and simplifying them is hard. 

Considering this problem is common among many students, we have summarized some tricks to help them solve complex equations in A Level Math. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

A secret to mastering any art or subject in the world is to practice consistently. The more you practice, the more perfect you become in the field. This strategy is also beneficial when it comes to complex equations in A Level Math. When you practice the A Level Math past papers, you will come across various complex equations. 

Each of them will be solved differently and require detailed critical thinking. This way, you will learn more about the multiple complex equations questions that examiners assess and the different ways to solve all the complex equations in A Level Math. It will also strengthen your ability to apply the correct method in the right equation! 

Learn from An Expert 

It is also essential to learn from an expert math tutor. Experienced teachers know more about the efficient steps for solving complex equations in A Level Math. They will guide you in a detailed and easier way. 

However, you should only register for a tutor at a reliable and MOE-approved tuition center. Peak Tuition is home to NIE-trained math tutors, an interactive learning environment, and 24/7 support. You can book a trial lesson and get your money back if you are unsatisfied. To join us, just fill in the enrollment form now! 

Read the Question Carefully 

When you look at a complex equation in an A Level Math exam, you should read the given question carefully. Look at every digit and sign, and then move on to solving it. Do not rush or panic at the sight of a complicated equation! 

Many students also make sign mistakes, like replacing a positive (+) sign with a negative (-), and lose marks. So, be careful about it. 

Think of The Required Formula & Concept 

Once you are done reading the question carefully, think of the formula or concept needed in that question. Whatever related formulae come to your mind, start writing them in a corner. Then, find the one that applies best to the equation and start solving it! 

Break Down The Equation 

One of the reasons why complex equations in A Level Math are a challenge for students is their lengthy structure. These complex equations are very long, which makes them look more complicated. Therefore, breaking down the equation into smaller parts before solving them is best. 

teacher solving a math question on a blackboard

It is easier to simplify or calculate if you break the equation into sub-parts. In the final answer, you can write all the broken-down parts together as one solution. 

Recheck Each Step As You Solve 

You should keep rechecking every step when solving the equation. You can just briefly look at each step to check if you have copied the signs and digits correctly. Rechecking each step separately is better because the final solution will take more time to be rechecked altogether.  

Recalculate Your Answer Twice

Once you are finally done with solving your equation, you can just use the calculator to recalculate the answer through the last steps. If the answer matches the answer you have written on the paper, congratulations you have successfully solved a complex equation in A Level Math

Master the Art of Solving Complex Equations in A Level Math With Us! 

Apart from these tips, if you need any extra learning for complex equations in A Level Math, we are here to help you. Become a part of our learning community now!



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