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Top Ways of Improving Secondary Chinese Reading Skills in Singapore

Recently, many students in Singapore have taken up Chinese as a second language. While most students do not find learning Chinese very tricky, reading Chinese is what they find the most challenging. However,  they don’t need to fret anymore. We have mentioned numerous methods that will help you in improving Chinese reading skills in this article.

Why do Students Find Reading Chinese Challenging?

For students whose first language is alphabet based, learning to read Chinese can pose a tremendous challenge. As the characters of Chinese are unusual, reading Chinese is regarded as an advanced talent. 

Unlike alphabet-based languages, Chinese doesn’t provide readers with visual indications, so word memorization plays a pivotal role in reading Chinese. Furthermore, word pronunciations for different words in  Chinese are often similar and confusing, making Chinese even more tricky to read.


Our Top Methods of Improving Chinese Reading Skills

Reading Chinese is focused on two main components: comprehension and techniques. The factors below cover these aspects to help you improve your Chinese reading skills.

Improving Your Chinese Vocabulary and Grammar

Vocabulary and Grammar are the building blocks of any language. Without them, neither information can be transmitted, nor any communication activity can take place. 

Students can not be proficient at reading Chinese if they are unaware of its grammatical rules or have an insufficient vocabulary. Therefore,  working on your grammar and vocabulary is the key to improving your Chinese reading skills. 

Reading Books in Chinese

Reading everyday is the key to mastering any language. Developing a habit of reading Chinese books will ensure exposure to diverse vocabulary and help interpret new words and phrases. Chinese books showcase different sentence structures and grammar patterns that can help you understand Chinese better. Extensive reading can help you identify sentence flow and improve your fluency to enhance your reading power. 

Language environment 

Language environment refers to everything in our surroundings that is involved in learning a language. It is necessary to be in an appropriate environment because it plays a crucial role in improving your Chinese reading

Students studying in class room

Surrounding yourself with people who fluently speak Chinese and engage in discussions develops phonological awareness and enables you to identify sound patterns in words. 

Furthermore, high exposure to various genres of written material ranging from literature to news articles can help broaden learners’ understanding of different writing styles. Such a language-rich setting fosters gradual improvement in reading proficiency.

Professional Help and Strategies

Learning to read in Chinese can be exceptionally daunting due to its intricate strokes and difficult pronunciation. Consequently, appropriate guidance holds immense importance in improving your Chinese reading skills.

There are various learning strategies that only an expert can guide you around. They help you make personalized plans according to your needs and help you effectively improve. Students are provided with curated reading material meant to aid them in enhancing their Chinese reading skills. Feedback from professionals makes students understand their mistakes and rectify them to ensure proper pronunciation.

If you also require professional help and support in improving your Chinese reading skills, Peak Tuitions takes pride in providing you with some of the most promising experts. Fill up this form and register for our classes today!

Seek Peak Tuition’s Help in Improving Your Chinese Reading Skills

Enhancing your reading skills is vital to get a good grip on the Chinese language. Peak tuitions can provide exceptional professional assistance that will instill discipline and motivation in you. We will help you adhere to your learning schedules and help you set measurable goals. 

Association with Peak Tuitions will empower you with the confidence of navigating Chinese effectively. This will ensure enhanced Chinese reading skills. Book a trial class and begin your learning journey today!



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